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Meet the authors of The Next Bench:

photo of Michael Borg

Michael Borg

Michael Borg is portfolio lead and strategic business manager for HP’s LaserJet supplies.

photo of Jackie Ellwood

Jackie Ellwood

Jackie Ellwood is ___ and contributs to The Next Bench.

photo of Laura Lee Brennan

Laura Lee Brennan

Laura Lee Brennan is ___ and contributs to The Next Bench.

photo of Ann Finnie

Ann Finnie

Ann Finnie (@Afinnie) is PR manager for HP consumer PCs and office of the CTO.

photo of Darren Gladstone

Darren Gladstone

Darren Gladstone (@Gizmogladstone) is “TNB's” Editor-in-Chief (Blogger-in-Chief, if you’re being technical about it). He geeks out over games, gadgets and hot laptops.

photo of Greta Schlender

Greta Schlender

Greta Schlendler (@GretaHP) is the resident sartorialist and technista on the HP PR team.

photo of Melissa Zieger

Melissa Zieger

Melissa Zieger (@HP_SmallBiz) is the director of Worldwide Online Influencer Relations for HP’s Personal Systems Group. She is also the editor-in-chief of 367 Addison Avenue

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