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The Foundation for Developing 3D Printing Technology and Growing the Industry: Open Collaboration

This week’s post is contributed from Jordi Morillo, Head of Customer Experience Design for HP’s

3D Printing division.


HP 3D is in the early days of an amazing journey — a journey to transform the way people design and produce goods forever, in ways we could only imagine few years ago.


With the first commercial release of our break-through Multi Jet fusion technology, announced in May, we’re committed to establishing a new customer experience standard in the industry. To realize this vision, we’re applying design thinking methodology systematically along the product life cycle. With this approach, we’re able to understand, frame, prototype and validate the best design alternatives as soon as possible. True to the 3D printing promise, we are moving from a “thinking to build” approach to a “building to think” approach, using the early prototyping capabilities of 3D printing to accelerate learning.


Our customers and partners are critical to making this journey successful. We’ve spent countless invaluable hours with them through the development process, to ensure we serve their needs n building an open platform now and the future. We’re dedicated to partnering with the 3D printing community to shape a best-in-class solution with unprecedented openness and collaboration.


The HP 3DP Customer Experience Design Team is also working closely with our Engineering, Marketing and Business peers in order to define the three key elements of our Customer Experience Design strategy:

  • We have developed a vision that engages the market and customers.
  • We have defined a plan and roadmap to make the vision a reality.
  • We are shipping our first products to the market, delivering on the vision and HP's commitment to disrupt the manufacturing industry.

Most importantly, we’re keeping our customers at the center of every decision. We rely on extensive teamwork within HP, between HP and our partners and between HP and our customers, in order to validate our assumptions quickly, guide our decisions and never stop learning from the true experts in the industry.


This open approach is essential not only for design, but also as a foundation for doing business and supporting the industry. We’re bringing our proven track of record in scaling complex technologies to the 3D ecosystem, in order to accelerate additive manufacturing. In exchange, we’re gaining invaluable knowledge and insights that are helping us bridge the critical gaps that will unleash the next manufacturing revolution.


Thanks to all of you who are joining us on this amazing adventure. You are our inspiration. 

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