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Setting Industry Standards for 3D Printing Software

In May, we introduced the HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution, the world’s first production-ready 3D printing system. A critical component of this end-to-end solution is SmartStream 3D, our advanced, easy-to-use software that works hand-in-hand with our printers to create a painless production process.




HP’s SmartStream 3D software, including HP SmartStream3D Build Manager and HP SmartStream3D Command Center, has everything a business needs to prepare and send parts to print. Its algorithms and embedded quality checks ensure accuracy and precise build-time estimates. And together with several partners, HP’s software is creating a new vision of 3D printing.


Setting Industry Standards 

HP is a founding member of the 3MF industry consortium that developed 3MF, an improved 3D printing file format. The HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution is the first 3D printer to be fully compliant with this industry standard. The 3MF specification allows companies to focus on innovation, rather than on basic interoperability issues, and it is engineered to avoid the problems associated with other 3D file formats. Plus, the code to read or write 3MF is available as open source. With HP SmartStream 3D Build Manager software, it’s simple to import .stl and other formats as well.




HP is also collaborating with partners and customers to advance 3D printing technology. HP’s Open Customer Engagement Program involves early customers in product testing to get feedback and improve product development. And HP is inviting companies and industry-leading partners to make the design-to-print process easier and more intuitive — partners including Siemens PLM Software, Materialise and Autodesk Netfabb.


Meet our Partners

Autodesk is collaborating with HP by providing 3D printer-capable software for HP Multi Jet Fusion. Samir Hanna, Autodesk’s vice president and general manager of digital manufacturing, said, “Autodesk, as a leader in 3D design and engineering software, is committed to furthering technologies that expand the horizons for applications of industrial 3D printing. The relationship between our two companies will help advance the entire additive manufacturing industry by providing access to new and innovative hardware and software technology."


Materialise is working with HP to integrate the Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite and HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology, making it easier for Materialise’s customers to incorporate 3D printing into their existing processes. As Wilfried Vancraen, Materialise’s CEO, noted, “For manufacturers to get the most benefit out of 3D printing, they need tight integration between 3D printing hardware and workflow.”


Hear more from Fried in this interview:



Collaboration between Siemens PLM Software’s design and manufacturing software and the new HP Multi Jet Fusion technology will give customers greater control over their printing at the voxel level. “3D printing is bringing about an industrial revolution in manufacturing, allowing businesses to realize their creativity and innovation in product development and production,” said Zvi Feuer, Siemens’ Executive Vice President of Manufacturing Engineering Software.


Siemens PLM Software’s President Chuck Grindstaff elaborates on the partnership in this interview:



What’s Next?

HP’s software is smoothly integrated into our end-to-end 3D printing solution, and we plan to expand the Open Platform ecosystem over time. Together with our partners, we intend to keep raising the bar for customer control and ease of use as the field of 3D printing grows and diversifies.


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