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Welcome to the launch of the HP 3D Printing blog. For those that know me, staying as closely connected to customers and the market is fundamental to business success. In light of this, our approach to entering the dynamic 3D printing market is one that promotes collaboration, discussion and action that will ultimately grow the market for all of us.


This blog is meant to serve as a platform for learning more about where HP is headed in 3D printing and sharing constructive ideas about how we – as an industry - can advance the state-of-the-art for the benefit of designers, engineers, and manufacturing.


With all that’s being reported about 3D printing it’s pretty clear that we are on the verge of a serious inflection point relative to where the industry has been. At the same time, we must be smart about using terms like “paradigm shift”, “game changer”, and “revolutionary”. While we intend that these prove true in time, we must be realistic about where we are now, and what needs to be done to bring 3D printing to the next level.


Here at HP, we take our role as a technology leader very seriously. We have an established track record of bringing revolutionary and innovative technologies such as thermal inkjet and 2D digital print to market. We know what it takes to scale from a technology to a breakthrough product and from a breakthrough product to an industry transformation. We now get to bring these experiences and apply them to a completely new market.


We introduced HP Multi Jet Fusion™ – a truly innovative 3D printing technology - because we believe it is a significant step towards removing fundamental friction points that impede the process of greater adoption.


But it is not one technology or one player that enables the transformation of an entire industry. What’s important is for all of us to recognize the challenges and work together – as a unified 3D printing industry - to bring about the transformation that we all want.


While it’s hard to resist all the superlatives associated with the potential of 3D printing, we will do our best to have our “feet on the ground” while maintaining our enthusiasm - and keeping our vision in clear sight.


We invite you to join us in staying focused on the real potential of 3D printing by following our blog and giving us your feedback.


Look forward to hearing from you - Scott

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