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  • Best games for benchmarking your PC

    by GizmoGladstone | 04-24-2014

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    As new machines come in, I do my best to get a little quality one-on-one time with these new PCs. I yank em out of the box, do the optimizational rain dance of configuring the PC and write about my results here on the blog. A couple weeks back, I laid out some quick tips for tweaking your gaming rig. Today, let’s take that next step: Benchmarking your PC.

  • Tuning up your HP PC: Leave the work to us!

    by HP_Laura_Lee_B | 04-22-2014

    You’ve had a secret weapon sitting on your HP computer for years – YEARS! – and you didn’t even realize it. The HP Support Assistant is a vital app that we’ve put on machines since fall, 2009. It’s helping run things in the background, assure you’ve got the latest driver updates for your hardware – it’s even your shortcut hotline to get customer support. Want to learn more about it? Sure you do....keep reading!

  • 11 TIPS: How safe is your PC or smartphone?

    by GizmoGladstone | 04-18-2014

    laptop security banner.jpgIn light of Windows XP support going away (and with that, security updates) – not to mention the Web’s Heartbleed bug, there are a LOT of people out there wondering how safe our information really is these days.

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