• Fetching Wearables

    by NextBenchEditor | 09-02-2015

    Wearable tech isn't just for people anymore. From highly-functional location and fitness trackers to a smart collar that speaks on your pet's behalf, one thing's for sure: pets and their humans are going to be more connected than ever.



  • Top Cities for Tech Workers

    by NextBenchEditor | 08-24-2015


    When you think about the world’s top tech cities, a few immediately come to mind: San Francisco, London, Seattle. Austin, perhaps?


    All of these cities have had their share of the tech-boom limelight, but are they still at their peaks? With the exponential growth of Internet access, virtually every city has the potential to become a tech hub. Which begs the question, “Are the traditional tech hubs still the best?”

  • Open to Tech: 5 Ways Tennis is Winning With Technology

    by NextBenchEditor | 08-11-2015

    Technology has become a huge presence in tennis, and especially in the Grand Slams. From developments in rackets to real-time match analytics, tennis continues to get smarter each year. Here are five innovations that prove it.



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