• HP Expert Meetups Give Us Customer Support Insights

    by | 10-29-2014


    Earlier this year, we hosted an HP Expert meetup in Brazil. Last month, we were in Shanghai; last week, it was New Orleans; and this week, we’ll be in Amsterdam.  Find out how our Experts are helping us bring the best of HP Social Support to you – and how we’re learning more from them about how we can better solve your trickiest tech questions …

  • The Emperor’s New Big Data

    by NextBenchEditor | 10-29-2014

    Spotting “fake” Big Data products: Big Data- you know, you love it, but how do you valuably use it? Firms are labeling nearly every and any product that they sell as a “Big Data Solution,” leaving a gray area as to what is real and what is merely wishful thinking.



  • Human Marketing in the Age of Big Data

    by NextBenchEditor | 10-22-2014

    In the days before Big Data, marketers relied on backward-looking focus groups, survey data and most commonly their gut feelings about what would and would not spark connections. Then came the internet and the explosive growth of the online world.



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