• An HP Notebook for Everyone on Your Shopping List

    by NextBenchEditor | 11-18-2014

    The holiday season is upon us, and it’s only going to get more apparent from here on out. We’ve identified four of the toughest types of people to shop for on your shopping list; The Roamer, The Multitasker, The Adventurer, and The Gamer.


    HP_Buying_Guide (2).jpg

  • 4 Ways Home Computing is Changing Our Lives

    by NextBenchEditor | 11-17-2014

    Home computing’s rapid evolution from its early days of personal finance and database use to what it is now is staggering, and the ways in which it has transformed our lives is even more so. Here are a few examples of how computing has evolved in the modern home.



  • A Max-Level Mobile Gaming Powerhouse

    by NextBenchEditor | 11-05-2014

    As the games themselves become more data and graphic intensive, the demand on the machine running the games grows correspondingly greater as well. The HP OMEN has enough power not only to easily handle the games that are available now, but, perhaps more importantly, also enough to handle the games that are coming out tomorrow. 



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