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  • Of Bending Rules and Sharknadoes

    by | 07-30-2014


    Adding sharks to tornadoes with surfer dudes played by guys named Ian definitely bends the rules of reality (and possibly good taste), and both sharks and bending the rules happen to be two specialties of ours.

  • Check Your Hotel’s Wi-Fi Before You Check In

    by | 07-29-2014


    These days, it seems that hotels are more concerned with being able to claim they offer Wi-Fi than giving you a level of service you can actually use, and review sites don’t always offer a chance for people to rate hotel’s WiFi, so you’ll know who are the worst offenders. That is, until now.

  • Advocacy & Service Make for Better Customer Experiences

    by | 07-29-2014



    Recently I was perusing some content by people “in the know” about the latest trends in customer service, and I came upon Adrian Swinscoe and Shep Hyken. There are many more people on social media who have deep experiences and lots to say, but Adrian and Shep have recently touched upon some customer experiences that I think serve as good reminders about how complex the customer/business relationship can be…

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