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Palm Pre for Dummies.jpgSomething about those “…for Dummies” books always makes me cringe a little bit. You can’t argue that they’ve been wildly successful in letting people know that there’s a guide to help you get up to speed on everything from Facebook to Sarbanes-Oxely. And they’re usually written with a wink and a nod that lets you know that the author doesn’t really think you’re a dummy.


But if you’ve taken the first steps of recognizing some particular void in your knowledge and setting out to do something about it, it seems like you ought to be rewarded with a book whose yellow cover screams out about your promising prospects -- Animal Husbandry for Soon-to-be-Experts -- instead of your pitiable past.


Well, whatever works, I guess. For those of you who’d like to take the first steps toward becoming a soon-to-be webOS expert, there are plenty of resources to help you on your path.


Book ‘em, Danno


If you like your how-to know-how in old-fashioned book form, you can always start with (and you probably saw this coming a mile away…) “Palm Pre for Dummies,” by Chris Ziegler, an editor at the popular Engadget website.


Gadget gurus Joe Hutstko and Craig James Johnston offer up “My Palm Pre”, while USA Today’s personal tech writer Edward C. Baig offers up “Palm Pre: The Missing Manual.” (In case you were wondering, the full manual isn’t really missing – you can find it here.)


Want to create your own webOS apps? Palm’s own Mitch Allen has written “Palm webOS” as part of the popular O’Reilly series for developers.


Cliff's notes


Maybe you don't have time for a tome. For more bite-size chunks of webOS savvy, here are some recent posts from the Palm blog to help you ramp up your understanding of particular aspects of webOS:


Capture.JPG-       Your Palm profile

-       Communications tools

-       webOS gestures  

-       Universal search

-       General shortcuts

-       Option-key shortcuts

-       Spacebar-key shortcuts

-       Advanced commands

-       Bookmarks

-       Personalizing your phone

-       Customized ringtones

-       Backup and remote erase

-       Troubleshooting




The independent website, PreCentral, offers daily webOS tips -- follow @audemars02 for a heads up tweet. Over at webOSroundup, click on the “Learn” tab for an extensive library of everything from “How to Make Your Touchstone Sticky Again” to extremely unauthorized hardware and software hacks.


I like to watch


Remember the video that played the very first time you booted up your webOS phone? Pretty, I know. Well, you can find (and replay) it by looking in the “Loaded Videos” found in the “Videos” app. You’ll find more videos in the “Palm Videos” app or online on Palm’s YouTube channel. There’s also an introductory online tutorial here.


A sunny thing happened on the way to the forums


Palm’s support forums offer a community full of suggestions and solutions, as well as helpful tricks and tips on popular topics. Need help figuring out how to do something? Need help figuring out how to do something? You can also chat live with Palm support representatives or use the Help app on your phone.


Make mine to go


Speaking of software, check the App Catalog for apps that serve up several of the most popular webOS online communities in a mobile-friendly package, including webOS roundup, an unofficial guide to PreCentral News, and Tams Palm.


Any of these resources should help you become a smartphone smartypants in no time. What works best for you? What’s the best pointer you’ve picked up about webOS? We’d love to get your feedback in the comments.





by treal
on ‎10-14-2010 04:12 PM

Following Palm via twitter since Treo.  Pre+ running smooth w/preware. Thanks for this information source. 

by Tim Stiffler-Dean
on ‎10-14-2010 06:58 PM

Lots of great info here. Didn't realize we had so many books that would act as great resources. I'll need to get my hands on those. Smiley Happy

by BP
on ‎10-15-2010 01:53 PM

Does it explains what to do when the touch screen goes crazy? Because Palm's technicians don't...

by Marc Aurélien
on ‎10-15-2010 02:03 PM

Pour les français, il y a aussi, l'application Palm Pre France !

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