What is AMD’s Trinity?

Yesterday, Darren went into a hands-on test with the latest Pavilion p7 -- featuring AMD's Trinity technology. People were asking for more details to explain what that means.Today, we’re giving the floor to Phil Hughes, Senior PR Manager from AMD to go a little deeper into the tech behind Trinity.

AMD’s Trinity Hits HP’s Pavilion p7 [Hands-On]

The latest Pavilion p7 is hiding something under the hood: It is HP’s first desktop to rock the lasted AMD hardware, code-named, “Trinity.” What is Trinity, exactly – and what does it mean for your PC? Here’s the super-short version: Imagine a motherboard / CPU / integrated graphics solution that actually delivers a good, affordable performance kick. That is exactly what I’ve been finding as I started tinkering with the Pavilion p7 myself this past weekend. Want to learn more about the machine that I’ve been tinkering with for a couple days? Keep on reading.

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