Why You Should Play SimCity on a TouchSmart PC

Imagine finger-painting everything from roads to mapping out residential zones with my fingertips in the new SimCity. Yep, the classic city-building game gets a major facelift and – more important – I get an excuse to play in the name of work….on an HP TouchSmart PC. Oh, and keep reading for a chance at winning a digital copy of SimCity for yourself.

Heritage of Innovation: Jim Sutton and the HP-150 Touchscreen PC

Here at HP, we’ve been focusing a lot on touch screens in the past couple years. Today we have TouchSmart PCs and notebooks, printers, iPAQs and most recently, there has been a lot of buzz around the slate videos we’ve posted since CES. Yes, our ground-breaking mobile device is coming out this year, but I want to clear something up. People assume that HP is new to the touch space – since the iPhone and other touch devices have surfaced. What many don’t realize is HP’s more than 27-year history with pushing touch technology forward.
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