Win 8 Video Lesson: Keyboard, Mouse and Touch Control

If you go out and buy a new PC now, it’ll likely be loaded with Windows 8. This being your first dance with Microsoft’s snazzy new OS, HP’s got your back with a whole battery of tutorials and walkthroughs of some neat features of Microsoft’s Windows 8. Best part, they are available on your new computer. (Just look for the tile on your PC that says, “New Features in Windows 8”) But, to give you a taste of what you can do, we’re bringing you the lessons before you even buy your next HP PC.

Project Runway Takes the HP Challenge

projectrunwaychallenge Technology and Fashion can work together. Designer Vivienne Tam’s shown us as much with her line of gorgeous HP Mini netbooks. Well, last week, HP had the chance to sit down with Project Runway contestants Seth Aaron Henderson (San Diego, CA), Jay Nicolas Sario (The Philippines) and Emilio Sosa (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic). They told us how they used the TouchSmart tm2 notebooks and all-in-one TouchSmart desktop PCs in last week’s Vivienne Tam fabric challenge, as well as in creating their designs throughout the duration of the season. If you want to see Project Runway episode 10 featuring the “HP Challenge,” it’s available online at through April 24.

Touch Developer Series: Roxio's PhotoShow

roxio The latest HP in Touch Q&A is with Sam Hui. As the senior OEM product line manager, he’s working on mobile solutions, emerging platforms, hybrid applications and touch experiences. In this particular case, Sam is one of the people behind Roxio’s PhotoShow Touch software. Roxio’s PhotoShow Touch is a multi-touch enabled PC storytelling application that allows users to start with their own photos and create an amazing PhotoShow out of their memories. PhotoShow Touch was designed to be fully scalable across both the TouchSmart All-in-one machines and the portable TouchSmart TX series. Roxio PhotoShow Touch takes full advantage of both the optical touch system and the capacitive screen.

HP TouchSmart PC in Sun Life Stadium

identitymine Readers may remember HP TouchSmart PCs being used in the VIP Luxury Suites at Sun Life Stadium during this year’s Super Bowl. IdentityMine, creators of the Super Bowl specific touchscreen applications, were, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, creating an application on the TouchSmart PC that the Bowl-winning Saints used to their advantage. IdentityMine “developed a system for the Saints that merged player records, reports and charts with videos to streamline the team's personnel department,” and this system, called Interactive, Collaboration & Evaluation (ICE for short) took full advantage of the HP’s TouchSmart PCs.

Touch Developer Series: Trellist Creates TouchSmart App for Cinequest Film Festival

In the past few years since HP introduced the TouchSmart PC line, it's captured imaginations. Since the release of Windows 7 (with its native multi-touch display support) and the TouchSmart SDK we are starting to see a lot of cool, new applications being explored by developers. Whether it's an app you can download and use or an inspired commercial program, we're talking with the developers to find out what they are up to and get their take on the touch community. It's a regular series and we're always on the lookout for new developers to profile.

HP TouchSmart in Superbowl VIP Suites

superbowl Before the big game between the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts last Sunday, fans huddled around touch screens in VIP Luxury Suites at Sun Life Stadium. People were thumbing through past Super Bowl highlights. They were playing a sports flashcard game. And they were doing it on HP TouchSmart PCs. Microsoft and HP provided 30 of these all-in-one PCs to IdentityMine. Taking full advantage of Windows 7’s native multi-touch screen support, IdentityMine created touch applications showing off new ways to enjoy the game before kickoff. So, when you think of those VIP skybox seats at stadiums in the near future, it might start featuring touch screens alongside the private bars.

Getting in Touch

It feels good to touch—way better than being forced to mouse around if all you want to do is push an on-screen button. Well, we’ve come a long way in the past few years with HP’s TouchSmart PC line, but I think we’re finally turning a corner. Prices are coming down, more touch apps are becoming available, we’re seeing good touch screens appearing on devices of all sizes and shapes and now we have multi-touch screen support in Microsoft Windows 7. You don’t think that’s a big deal? Well, just check out what’s coming out of this year’s CES from HP.
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