Slate7: The Vacation Test Drive

Even on vacation, our "fearless" blogger tests out products. What happens when he leaves everything behind for a week except  HP’s Android tablet, the Slate7? You're about to find out. Click on through for more details....

HP Slate: This is the Droid You Were Looking For...

The brand-new HP Slate7 launched today at the Mobile World Congress. SURPRISE! Two things make this a big deal for HP: For starters, we’re formally adding the Google's platforms to more HP devices (in case you missed our Chromebook announcement). It also means that you can get your greedy little hands on this neat little tablet for a reasonable price – it starts at just $169. Want to learn more about HP's new Slate offers?

Laptop + Tablet or an ENVY x2?

When I first looked at the ENVY x2, I knew that I was holding something unique. Beyond the sleek aluminum case – or the fact that this is a hybrid PC – it’s difficult to compare it to other computers on the store shelves. Do you stack it up against tablets? What about slim Laptops? You ask me, I always thought of the ENVY x2 as a nimble little laptop that one-ups a tablet at the same time. My two cents on the matter to follow....

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5 Reasons You Should Care About the ElitePad 900

All right, the tablet-sized cat is out of the bag. The business-based device that we’ve been teasing for a while now officially has a name – The HP ElitePad 900. Over the next couple days, you’ll likely be hearing A LOT about what makes the ElitePad so nifty for getting your job done. In fact, I’d encourage you to swing by our sister site,, which will go into much greater detail about the ElitePad. Me? I’m still a consumer guy at heart. And while this bit of kit is billed for biz, I still have an eyeball on this for a couple cool-tech reasons. Allow me to count the ways.

HP ENVY x2: Part Laptop, Part Tablet, All-Awesome

The aptly-named ENVY x2 is going to make a lot of laptops jealous. At first blush, it looks like a thin, brushed-metal machine. But when you flip a slick magnetic toggle and lift out the 11.6-inch display, you suddenly get it – this Hybrid PC packs all the important guts you need behind the screen. Are you the kinda guy that’s constantly debating whether to take a laptop, tablet (or both!) for the day? Here's your next PC.

Beats Audio Bumps in HP TouchPad

TouchPad Beats-thumb.jpgNot all audio jacks are created equal. The fact that we’re seeing these Beats audio jacks across all sorts of HP products – including the new TouchPad – is proof of that. What, exactly, does that even mean, though? Well, I went on a bit of a rant a little while back where I played up the difference Beats made on the HP Pavilion dv7 the latest rev of the HP Mini 210 – and even some desktops like the Pavilion HPE. But it isn’t until you hit the road, that you really appreciate what these new jacks deliver. Let me tell you a little story….




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