HP’s Gadget Madness. In March.

It’s time to see HP’s gadgets square off to find who’s got the skills to be the best in a nerdy bit of March craziness.Maybe the ENVY x2 that has the juice to outlast the competition. Or it could be the ENVY Phoenix h9, overpowering anything that gets in its way. YOU GUYS are going to help decide the winner. We’re laying out the brackets out for you right now and through comments, Facebook and Twitter, you’re going to chime in to tell us who you think should be advancing to the next round.

HP Tech Atop Mt. Kilimanjaro

I spent the last week hiking the tallest free-standing mountain in the world. For work. If you want a recap on Why I did it….and what I used…feel free to check out those things I just linked. Today, I wanted to share some tips and a little bit of this once-in-a-lifetime climb with you.

CES: New HP Gear, an Ultrabook Tree and One GIANT Laptop

A full week of "geek" is still going on in Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show as I write this...and it's been a busy one for HP. In fact, we just got a best-of-CES  award from Notebooks.com for the EliteBook Revolve. I also hit the floor to give you photo evidence of what HP and some of our partners were up to during the show.

Which HP PCs Offer Windows 8?

You’ve probably seen a ton of stories circulating around a certain new OS from Microsoft…and new PCs that’ll be supporting it. Well, if you’re hot for the switch and on the market for a new PC, I wanted to clue you in on which HP models you can order right now. That way, when October 26th rolls around, you can just dig in and start playing with your new computer.

What’s The Difference Between Intel 2nd- and 3rd-Gen Core Ultrabooks?

There’s something under the hood that a couple of you guys on the boards have been asking about – measuring the physical performance jump between the two latest generations of Core CPUs. In short, you wanted to see up-close-and-personal what the difference would be between Intel’s 2nd and 3rd gen Core processors in our Ultrabook offerings. So, I decided to grab two of our units that offered the same RAM (4GB), same speedy SSD….the only big difference being the CPU.

What Kids (and HP Parents) Say About Our PCs

If you have a child, you probably at some point take the tyke to work. Y’know, whether it’s to show off your offspring – or explain what you do for a living. When you’re a nerd and work at a place like HP, it’s a little different for HP’s Take Our Children to Work Day. We get that extra bit of awesome because we’re sharing the cool tech that we create with our kids. Besides this event being good practice for my own pending paternity, I wanted to share my recent experiences from a day of demos here in the Bay Area and talk about what they thought of our gear.

From Ultraportable to Ultrabook (and Beyond)

This week we’ve been looking at a very brief history of where we’ve been – and where we are going with Ultraportables. The definition – and expectations – of what we’d consider a small PC may have changed in a short period of time, but what we’re also seeing now is tech that is quickly catching up with our needs. The point of these stories is to catch you up to speed and get you thinking a little bit about what can happen next. For a brief summary of the stories in this series, keep reading.


From Ultraportable to Ultrabook – The Evolution of Thin/Light Laptops, Part 2

One of the cool things about working here at HP is that I always get to catch up with like-minded, awesomely nerdy guys from time to time.  (I mean that in the nicest, most sincere way possible – REALLY!) You go out for a shwerma and you come back with a cool little interview. I recently ran into John McCarthy, Product Manager for Premium Notebooks, and we had an interesting chat about where things are going in Ultrabook / Sleekbook space. Check it out!

5 Things to Pack in Your Laptop Bag

I used to travel. A lot. While I might not be the jet-setting playboy anymore, that doesn’t stop me from making sure that I have all the necessary gear when leaving the house. So, whether you’re going someplace sweet for summer vacation or you want to be prepared for all eventualities on that next business trip, go with this quick pre-flight checklist. You can thank me later.

The Expecting-Father’s Day Guide

Father’s Day is almost upon us and, for the first time I technically qualify as a dad. So I’m going to be a little selfish and cobble together a Father’s Day list for dads like me.  Yes, you’re going to get a couple different options for HP gear, but if the paternal figure in your life is a nerd, keep reading. I’m giving you some solid gift suggestions. And if you’re my wife reading this: Take notes for next year.

The new ENVY Ultrabook (and What’s a Sleekbook?)

If the Spectre and SpectreXT were some super-premium, extreme high-end Ferrari flavors of the Ultrabook, then that’d make the ENVY line the BMW…Slick in its own ways and still in a different class from what else you’ll see amongst Ultrabook devices. And then there’s the Sleekbook.  Aside from Marketingese, I was curious – what does all this even mean? Well, let’s get down to it as we take a quick look at these latest lightweight laptops: The ENVY 4 and ENVY 6The ENVY 4 and ENVY 6.

HP SpectreXT: The All-Aluminum Ultrabook Appears

Wasn’t so long ago, we were unveiling of the ENVY 14 Spectre. Its freaky all-glass design grabbed attention – and awards – at this year’s CES as the Ultrabook to beat. Well, the SpectreXT  is a brushed-metal eye catcher going for the same gusto: A stylish, slimmer (14.5 mm thin) and lighter(3.07 pound) Ultrabook. So I won’t be too offended if you just ogle the pictures and ignore what I write. (But you have to click through to see said pictures.)

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