A Closer Look at HP’s Gaming Rigs

I know that I talk a good game, but I’ve finally had more time to continue playing with a couple gaming-grade PCs in HP’s arsenal. I’m talking the Pavilion HPE Phoenix desktop and latest ENVY 17 laptop. Now that I’ve got these tricked-out rigs in my possession, I wanted to give a little straight talk – nerd-to-nerd. I’m going to dive a little deeper into each case, the loadouts that I have and the kind of performance you can get out of these guys.

Forget Console Gaming, Get PC Gaming to Go

As the holiday season races headlong at us, you might be tempted to load up on all the great games coming out. In this rant, Darren makes a case for why the PC version of games can be better a better choice. After all, you can usually get the PC version of a game for less, it’ll look better and you can play where you please. With a reasonable laptop, play at home on your desk, on the road or even plugged into a TV. You get the right laptop and you've got the perfect travel companion for the holidays. (You ever try taking a PlayStation 3 with you on a plane? Not fun.)

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