Spotted on Mars: An HP Printer? Kind of...

Let’s start this week with a giant congratulations going out to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Labs team! Don’t know about you, but I was up late last night thrilling to the Curiosity rover landing on Mars. What? You were asleep? Well, if the nerdy neighbors hooting in the middle of the night didn’t wake you up, head over to the NASA site, ASAP. Here’s something you might not realize: HP maintains NASA’s infrastructure....and HP Printers appeared on Mars. Kind of...

The HP Ink Challenge: Are Ink Refills Worth It?

Though the HP Ink Challenge has concluded since our last update, my head still reels from the tremendous feedback and content we collected from our active group of challengers.  With each new challenge, participants were able to explore some of the pre-existing biases they may have had about remanufactured and refilled inks while learning more about the quality and value of Original HP inks. We found a group of people where almost half (47%) bought refill ink cartridges. And they quickly began to realize that it’s more than just saving a couple bucks per ink cartridge that matters.Want to hear about - and see - the results? Click on through!

TFTNB: The First DeskJet Printer

hpdeskjet HP sure has come a long way with cloud- and Web-ready printers (for more on that, look for this week's Smart Home Improvement installment all about ePrint technology that you'll find in printers like the new HP Photosmart e-All-in-One D110a). But it had to start somewhere. A few weeks ago, we talked about the first ThinkJet printer and this time, let’s look a little more into how modern printing went mainstream. The HP DeskJet was the first mass-market inkjet printer. Customers knew its predecessor, the HP ThinkJet, because HP had been first to market with the inkjet printer. The name “DeskJet” was introduced to draw a clear distinction from the preceding inkjet printers.

SmartHome Improvement: HP ePrinting

ePrint Ever wished you could easily print to your home printer from any device? No more installing drivers. No more fretting over compatibility issues. And forget about having to play twister with yourself just to get the cable plugged in. Now there is HP’s ePrint. Check out the latest video installment of SmartHome Improvement to find out more. HP ePrint allows you to send files directly to a printer through email. The printer is assigned a specific email address, allowing any email-enabled device to send files for printing. Imagine you have your boarding pass on your cell phone. With ePrint, you can forward your boarding pass to the printer’s email.

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