Quick Read: How HP Designs Laptops

I like it when journalists take the time to ask the "why" and "how" behind laptop design. Laptopmag's Michael A. Prospero recently did just that and I wanted to share a couple neat bits here. Read on for a couple insights from HP's director of notebook design, Stacy Wolff. (And, of course, I have to throw in my two cents as well.)

HP’s First Laptop: The HP-110

 NAME Considering how HP rolled out a truckload of new notebooks just last week, it’s only appropriate that we hop into the wayback machine to see how things were not-so-long ago. In films like 2001: A Space Odyssey, the future included things such as laptops and small, portable flat screen devices. Points for getting close. That said, the HP-110 – HP's first laptop computer – was an industry breakthrough when it came out in 1984. Weighing in at a “mere” 8-1/2 pounds, this notebook-sized computer boasted a 16-bit IBM PC-compatible processor. Take that, 2-pound HP Mini! With 384K ROM and 272K RAM, the HP-110 had the largest amount of memory available in a portable computer when it was introduced.

Be the Envy of Your Friends - Win a Notebook (get it?!?)

With all the holiday craziness you’re probably going through you certainly deserve something for yourself, right? Something like a new Envy Notebook would certainly be something you can pat yourself on the back with, so why haven’t you already submitted a video to win one? How does one win themselves a brand new Envy? Well maybe you’ve heard about our HP Envy 13 giveaway contest? No? Well you have until 5pm on Friday, December 18th – that’s tomorrow, folks – to win one!
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