ENVY 27 Display with Beats Audio [Hands-On]

Back around CES time, I clued you guys into a monitor that sounds almost as good as it looksThe ENVY 27 Display with Beats Audio is more than just a monitor. It’s got a 2-speaker setup parked just below screen. It’s got a funky off-center base…..and, if I’m being 100 percent honest, I’m not really using it with my PC right now. But I’ll get to that in a minute.

Developed in India for India

HP_DreamScreen.jpgI’m in India today to attend the unveiling of the Dreamscreen400. It represents a new way to serve customers in countries that have low PC penetration and I’m excited about the potential to take it to other markets, too, over time. It all started with “why is the pc penetration so low in India?”  What we found was that it was less about affordability and more about simplicity and relevance.  So then, “what does the ideal device for families in India look like?” We spent hundreds of hours in the homes of families in India to find the answer. We started off by interviewing 2,600 people in India to understand the barriers to using devices to get on the internet.

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