HP’s Mom-proof Webcam: The HD-3100

hd-3100 thumbnail.jpgJust the other day, I was chatting with some members of the HP accessories teams about one of their new items, the HP Webcam HD-3100. That’s when I asked the all-important questions: What makes it so cool? Why should people get these Webcams? The answer: If you own a desktop and want an easy-to-use Webcam capable of 720p-quality video at 30 frames-per-second and 8-megapixel images. The specs seem nice, but easy-to-use, eh? Which prompted me to ask the most important question of all: Would my mom be able to operate it without having to call her personal tech support line? I'm about to find out as dear Momma Gladstone takes the reins for this blog post.

Labels: HD-3100| mom| webcam
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