HP Slate VoiceTab “Phablets” coming to India

While you were sleeping, HP revealed the HP Slate6 VoiceTab and Slate7 VoiceTab. Yep, these 6- and 7-inch devices are tablet-phone mash-ups. Or “Phablets.” Or….you get the point. Today, I wanted to give you a little extra perspective on what we’re making and why we’re doing it.

Hands-On: Slate 7 Extreme

slate 7 extreme banner.jpgAs of right now, the Slate 7 Extreme is now officially for sale (for $199). There, I said it. You got the news portion of what’s going down. This story though, is for all you guys out there wondering, “What’s so boss about this 7-inch Nvidia Tegra 4 tablet, anyhow?” I’m here to do my best and break it down for you and give my own two cents along the way. I’m just starting to get some quality testing time with the Slate 7 Extreme, so what questions do you have?

6 Things You Need to Know About Tegra 4

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been showing you some awesome stuff rocking the Tegra 4 processor: The Android All-in-One (the Slate21) and, more recently, the SlateBook x2. Obviously, NVIDIA knows a thing or two about graphics…so we asked Patrick Shaw of NVISIONapp to share a couple thoughts on what makes this processor tick.


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