2-Hour Twitter #WinChat Today!

Over the past couple weeks, we’ve been talking about Windows 8. A lot. After all, we’ve got a bunch of sweet new computers coming out that take full advantage of the new OS. But still, we’re sure that people have a lot of questions. Melissa gave you the head’s up about it last week, but there is a Twitter based #WinChat happening today, starting at noon pacific on November 13th (today!)…and we’re going strong for two hours! For more information and how you can get a chance at winning prizes keep reading.

HP’s Beats Audio: Explained

Not all audio is created equal. The Beats audio implementations on HP PCs just sound better than the competition. It’s not just me saying stuff like that. So, while I have beaten that drum time and time again, I wanted to actually talk to the REALexperts about the subject. Victor Lee (His official title: PC, Audio and Video Technologist) took some time to speak with us to help explain in more detail about how Beats Audio works in HP computers.

MS Launches Win 8 Consumer Beta, Takes Flight Today

It’s a busy day for downloading around here. What with the release of the Free-to-Play Flight simulator, Microsoft Flight and the consumer beta for Windows 8 is available for download. Should you care about either? Well….read on and I’ll tell you.

Microsoft Takes Flight Feb 29

Microsoft’s seminal flight sim is back – and soon. We’re talking the end of this month. If you ask people – even ones that don’t consider themselves “gamers” – Microsoft’s Flight Simulator series is one of those classic PC apps. That’s partly because of the degree of realism in control; largely because the games have looked so dang pretty. After 29 years, Flight Simulator X was the last of the series in 2009. End of the story? Not quite. As of this morning, it has a new name and departure date: Microsoft Flight taxis down the runway come February 29th.

HP TouchSmart in Superbowl VIP Suites

superbowl Before the big game between the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts last Sunday, fans huddled around touch screens in VIP Luxury Suites at Sun Life Stadium. People were thumbing through past Super Bowl highlights. They were playing a sports flashcard game. And they were doing it on HP TouchSmart PCs. Microsoft and HP provided 30 of these all-in-one PCs to IdentityMine. Taking full advantage of Windows 7’s native multi-touch screen support, IdentityMine created touch applications showing off new ways to enjoy the game before kickoff. So, when you think of those VIP skybox seats at stadiums in the near future, it might start featuring touch screens alongside the private bars.

Please don’t stop the music

Last week was a blur of events, traveling, and much more. In addition to Fast Company’s 6th Annual Masters of Design event, HP and Microsoft came together to celebrate the launch of Windows 7.
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