The Latest AMD APUs – Going Mobile Gets Better

While we’ve been rolling out announcements of new desktops and laptops over the past couple weeks, AMD has had some news of their own to crow about: Its next big jump in Accelerated Processing Units (APUs, for short). That’s why I wanted to give the floor to AMD’s Gary Silcott (senior manager for consumer and OEM products) to explain a little more about what’s on tap for 2013.

An Awesome, Nerdy Job at HP: Product Teardowns

Imagine if someone would pay you handsomely to tear computers apart, piece-by-piece and share the results. I thought my job here at HP was pretty sweet, but Jonathan Rayner’s got me beat by a nerdy mile. He takes a closer look at our products by tearing them down to the circuit boards and analyzing how they are made. I took a couple minutes to get the skinny from Jon about what makes him tick.

HP @ CES: A Photoblog

The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is kind of a nerdy mess. THOUSANDS of people swarm in to show off the tech trends for the new year. It’s a lot of sights and sounds to absorb if you're not ready for it. Well, there are parts of it that the press gets up-close-and-personal in a much more manageable ballroom - as opposed to running all around Vegas. Well, I wanted to share a couple pictures that I took during the Digital Experience and Showstoppers events that HP demoed over the past few nights. Then, I wanted to share a couple other things that we did during the show. But, really, CES 2012 was all about the ENVY 14 Spectre.

Battery Recall: Is My Laptop Affected?

Here at HP, we take our customers – and your safety – seriously. A couple years ago, we issued a voluntary recall on a select number of notebook batteries. That’s why I wanted to share that today, we’re expanding a voluntary battery recall and replacement program. It includes certain model series manufactured from July 2007 through May 2008 – and we want to make sure that your batteries aren’t affected. Read on to find out if your computer might be affected.

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The ENVY 14 Beats Edition - GAMER Approved

The ENVY 14 Beats edition laptop is my current go-to machine. I use it for everything from getting work done and watching flicks to (surprise, surprise) gaming on the go. Of course, I work for HP – this is what they let me play with – but it’s nice to see when other people agree. Thumbing through the latest issue of @GAMER, Best Buy’s gaming magazine, I see that they really dug the Envy 14. That said, the reviewer made a couple valid points….and I actually have the answers to some of his concerns. So, read on for a couple clips from the review and my solutions to some of the points they bring up

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Ask the Nerd: Notebook Gaming Tips

nerdteaser.jpgMy name is Darren and I'm a nerd. And I also happen to be a bit of a gamer. And by a bit I mean way more than my wife would like. For years, I always looked for ways to sneak in a game or two. Whether we’re talking notebooks, netbooks, smartphones….well, you get the idea. It just so happens that this week, we got a question that is near and dear to my nerdly heart. Someone who bought an HP G62-143cl ( reviewed it a couple months back.) desperately wants to get his game on. Well, let’s hook him up! Here’s the question, in a nutshell: I tried playing a game on the laptop and it lags. I asked different people about installing a new video card on my laptop and said its better not to because it might be too expensive. But now I’m looking for games that I can play on it. What games would you recommend?

It’s Official: The EliteBook 2540p “Kicks Ass”

eb 2540p - thumb.JPGIt’s nice to get recognized for the work you’re doing. And in HP’s case, for the work going into a 12.1-inch business laptop that means business. But it’s official: The EliteBook 2540p just got a 9 out of 10 from Maximum PC (and the “Kick Ass” honor).  No need to go too deep into it, but Katherine Stevenson sums it up nicely in the intro: “In last year’s ultraportable notebook roundup (August 2009), HP’s EliteBook 2530p put in a strong showing, wowing us with its good looks, sturdy construction, and strong performance. Its successor, the EliteBook 2540p, is strikingly similar in many regards but has the advantage of new and improved components and a lower price.”

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