Laptop + Tablet or an ENVY x2?

When I first looked at the ENVY x2, I knew that I was holding something unique. Beyond the sleek aluminum case – or the fact that this is a hybrid PC – it’s difficult to compare it to other computers on the store shelves. Do you stack it up against tablets? What about slim Laptops? You ask me, I always thought of the ENVY x2 as a nimble little laptop that one-ups a tablet at the same time. My two cents on the matter to follow....

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Best Budget Bets for Laptops from HP: ENVY m4, Pavilion Sleekbooks Unveiled

Over the past couple weeks we’ve unveiled sassy Hybrid PCs, laptops offering touchscreens…but sometimes you just want a laptop – Nothing expensive, but still a nice computer that can handle all the jobs you’re going to throw at it. Well, ladies and gents, that’s when you turn to a computer like the new HP ENVY m4, or a couple HP Pavilion Sleekbook options (The Pavilion Sleekbook 14 and 15). 


HP ENVY x2: Part Laptop, Part Tablet, All-Awesome

The aptly-named ENVY x2 is going to make a lot of laptops jealous. At first blush, it looks like a thin, brushed-metal machine. But when you flip a slick magnetic toggle and lift out the 11.6-inch display, you suddenly get it – this Hybrid PC packs all the important guts you need behind the screen. Are you the kinda guy that’s constantly debating whether to take a laptop, tablet (or both!) for the day? Here's your next PC.

Jenni Radosevich’s DIY Spectre Ultrabook Case

For Jenni Radosevich, it started off kind of small. A natural born crafter, she was creating her own fashion sense while growing up in Wisconsin. Moving to NYC after college, though, is when it all kind of clicked. Now she’s rocking what someone called, “The Girl Next Door meets Lower-East Side Hipster” look while teaching the fashion world a thing or two about DIY at We tapped into her DIY-ness to see what she’d come up with for the fashion-forward ENVY 14 Spectre.

Laptops: Better Than Game Consoles

If you bought a laptop today – and I’m talking even a slim, little Sleekbook…not some game-crusher like the Pavilion dv7 – you’d have an overall better experience than some console collecting dust in your home entertainment center and I dare you to convince me otherwise. 

5 Things to Pack in Your Laptop Bag

I used to travel. A lot. While I might not be the jet-setting playboy anymore, that doesn’t stop me from making sure that I have all the necessary gear when leaving the house. So, whether you’re going someplace sweet for summer vacation or you want to be prepared for all eventualities on that next business trip, go with this quick pre-flight checklist. You can thank me later.

VIdeo Tests: The ENVY 15 In Action

If you've been curious about how the ENVY 15 runs, you might’ve seen some reviews. Or maybe you wanted to eyeball how the Radeon HD 7690M graphics perform in these laptops. I’m gonna be honest: I haven’t had the chance to lay hands upon a final unit since they came out in December. HOWEVER, I’ve found a video rundown over at that shows what kind of performance to expect in games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and FEAR 2. Curious to learn more? I thought so. Keep reading…


Real Life Road Test: Folio 13

The Folio13 really is a great little laptop – sorry, ultrabook – when you need to hit the road for work. It’s long battery life more than just a bullet point to put on a press release. In fact, I recently put my money where my mouth is – on the road for CES, I wanted to travel light. Ridiculously light. SO, for a full week, I only used the reasonably svelte Folio13 and nothing else. Heck, I didn’t even bring the charger along with me during the day as I roamed the CES show floor. Want to hear about the results? Read on.

Spectre is Coming

Last year, as we announced the latest line of ENVY laptops and TouchSmart desktops, some….thing was lurking.Spectre. Rumors have been floating around the Web. A couple sites like Engadget and Mashable have already taken a moment to scrutinize the following video, but what the heck is Spectre?

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Tech the Halls: A Holiday Guide to New HP Laptops and Desktops

Over the past few months, HP has attempted to give you a bit of everything: A swath of new ENVYs, brought Beats Audio into even more machines and introduced HP’s first-ever ready-for-business Ultrabook. Obviously, we’re in holiday shopping season, so we hit you with a Black Friday Cheat Sheet to save you time navigating the mess of lines and hysteria following the Thanksgiving holiday.

Quick Read: How HP Designs Laptops

I like it when journalists take the time to ask the "why" and "how" behind laptop design. Laptopmag's Michael A. Prospero recently did just that and I wanted to share a couple neat bits here. Read on for a couple insights from HP's director of notebook design, Stacy Wolff. (And, of course, I have to throw in my two cents as well.)


I’ll admit this is a little odd for a story on TheNextBench. For our Facebook page, one Friday, I put out a request for cute photos of pets with HP products just to see what we’d get. That one innocent little post turned into a weekend long photo-album collecting spree. Want to see some of the best of the best of the many submissions we received? Click through to find out who we chose -- and prepare for the cute.

Two Computers, One Screen: HP LinkUp Gives Remote PC Control

HPLinkUp_T.jpgAnyone who owns more than one computer deals with separation anxiety all the time. Your laptop has all these files you’re working on and you need to get them over to your desktop. You don’t have a USB flash drive handy. You left your external hard drive at the office, and now you need to email all this stuff to yourself - if the files are small enough of course.  Does this story sound even remotely familiar? Honestly, it happens to me all the damn time. But, using HP LinkUp, this problem no longer exists. Read on to see what I mean.

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How Secure is Your PC? Think HP SimplePass

SimplePass_T1.jpgDon’t blink. That’s just about how long it takes for your computer to get hacked when you jump on WiFi at the local coffee shop. Believe me, I’m not one that enjoys fear-mongering, but there are certain realities. You can get hacked even if you are careful. However, I did get a recent demo of new HP SimplePass with One Time Password technology (I know, rolls off the tongue) in a new HP Pavilion dv6 and it’s helping me get over my fear of logging on in public. For a more detailed explanation of how SimplePass is making me rest a little easier, Click on through to get the rest of the story.

HP’s First Laptop: The HP-110

 NAME Considering how HP rolled out a truckload of new notebooks just last week, it’s only appropriate that we hop into the wayback machine to see how things were not-so-long ago. In films like 2001: A Space Odyssey, the future included things such as laptops and small, portable flat screen devices. Points for getting close. That said, the HP-110 – HP's first laptop computer – was an industry breakthrough when it came out in 1984. Weighing in at a “mere” 8-1/2 pounds, this notebook-sized computer boasted a 16-bit IBM PC-compatible processor. Take that, 2-pound HP Mini! With 384K ROM and 272K RAM, the HP-110 had the largest amount of memory available in a portable computer when it was introduced.

HP Envy 14 and 17: Big Changes for Less

HPEnvy Think of HP's Envy notebook line like a Formula1 car – they serve as test beds for new technologies. And the latest racers out the gate are the new 14 and 17 Envy laptops. Stacy Wolff, Director of Notebook Product Design and Notebook Global Business Unity for HP's Personal Systems Group, spent a few minutes telling me about what his team learned from developing the Envy 13 and 15 and some of the features going into the new machines According to Stacy, "The Envy is meant to deliver a premium experience. It should feel like you're holding something substantial in your hands." Stacy says that they are also listening to what people have to say.

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