Nvidia Titan Runs Well on HP ENVY Phoenix

envy phoenix 800.jpgThe latest, greatest multimedia desktop – HP’s ENVY Phoenix 800 – has been formally announced. The update features 4th Generation Intel Core processors….and all the other frostiness that you’ve come to know – since I’ve yammered about these PCs on the blog for some time now. So, I wanted to drive a little point home for you to ponder before the new rev launches on June 5th (starting at $1099): This may be a mainstream machine-priced, but it has enough wattage to run a Titan. The Nvidia Titan, that is.

New HP Laptops Make Touch Affordable

Wasn’t too long ago that adding TouchSmart technology to our computers meant adding a lot to the price tag. What’s great about today’s announcements is that we’re releasing a wide variety of touch screen-enabled Pavilion and ENVY laptops without making sacrifices under the hood or paying through the nose.

CES: New HP Gear, an Ultrabook Tree and One GIANT Laptop

A full week of "geek" is still going on in Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show as I write this...and it's been a busy one for HP. In fact, we just got a best-of-CES  award from Notebooks.com for the EliteBook Revolve. I also hit the floor to give you photo evidence of what HP and some of our partners were up to during the show.

Which HP PCs Offer Windows 8?

You’ve probably seen a ton of stories circulating around a certain new OS from Microsoft…and new PCs that’ll be supporting it. Well, if you’re hot for the switch and on the market for a new PC, I wanted to clue you in on which HP models you can order right now. That way, when October 26th rolls around, you can just dig in and start playing with your new computer.

A Closer Look at the ENVY 4 and ENVY 6

We gave you the scoop when the ENVY 4 and ENVY 6 launched. I demonstrated in videos how the ENVY 6 performs under pressure by playing DiRT 3. Now that I’ve had more prolonged time with the Sleekbook flavor of this slim machine, I now have some benchmarks and insights to back up how they perform...and some thoughts from the guys at PC World. Keep reading for the skinny.

Laptops: Better Than Game Consoles

If you bought a laptop today – and I’m talking even a slim, little Sleekbook…not some game-crusher like the Pavilion dv7 – you’d have an overall better experience than some console collecting dust in your home entertainment center and I dare you to convince me otherwise. 

ENVY 6: Sleekbook, Ultrabook Awesomeness

Back when we first unveiled the ENVY 4 and ENVY 6, I took a stab at answering the question: “What, exactly, is a Sleekbook?” I tried to break it down for you in simple fashion. Bottom-lining it, a Sleekbook is a superthin laptop that features other processors or components that go outside the Ultrabook spec. Joel Santo Domingo over at PC Magazine has a nice breakdown of the differences...and I have a short video to prove how well an ENVY 6 works. Keep reading to get a better taste of what the ENVY 6 can do. 


Real Life Road Test: Folio 13

The Folio13 really is a great little laptop – sorry, ultrabook – when you need to hit the road for work. It’s long battery life more than just a bullet point to put on a press release. In fact, I recently put my money where my mouth is – on the road for CES, I wanted to travel light. Ridiculously light. SO, for a full week, I only used the reasonably svelte Folio13 and nothing else. Heck, I didn’t even bring the charger along with me during the day as I roamed the CES show floor. Want to hear about the results? Read on.

CES: The Tech Behind Tiesto – and a Free Concert

A couple days ago, we officially announced that HP and Intel are sponsoring a concert featuring Tiesto. It’s a celebration of the HP ENVY 14 Spectre launch, the state of Ultrabooks….and, well, it’s CES in Vegas – always a good reason to party. But why am I mentioning this to you here on this blog? To remind you that tomorrow night, we’ll be streaming the concert live over Twitter.

Intel Builds a Museum Dedicated to You

Admit it: You think that you deserve a museum exhibit in your honor. You’ve led an interesting life, right? You’ve traveled far and wide, made a ton of friends…and maybe successfully raised crops in Farmville. Wha…? Well, Intel recently put together an interesting little Web site called, “The Museum of Me.” What’s it all about and why are you on display? Read on.

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