Slate7: The Vacation Test Drive

Even on vacation, our "fearless" blogger tests out products. What happens when he leaves everything behind for a week except  HP’s Android tablet, the Slate7? You're about to find out. Click on through for more details....

The HP x2 Family Gets a Little Bigger. And Smaller.

Today, we’re announcing how the x2 line is getting bigger (with the Core-processor-powered Split x2) and smaller (thanks to the SlateBook x2, the first Android hybrid to rock an Nvidia Tegra 4 processor). So, since we’ve got your attention let’s dig a little deeper into both.

5 Reasons to Check out the Split x2

Let me see if this describes you: You can’t decide on any given day if you should break out the tablet or your laptop. You like having the power to do things like, say, play advanced games….but also not need to drag around an oversized machine. If this sounds familiar, I think that the x2 family of PCs might be worth checking out. Namely, the new Split x2.

If you’re not familiar with our x2 computers, let me get you up to speed with this Top 5 list that breaks down a couple of the bigger reasons….

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