Phoenix Owners: Update Your SSD Drivers!

I’m not going to bury the lede – so let’s just cut to the point: If you’ve bought an HP Pavilion HPE Phoenix with an SSD (or, quite frankly, ANY HP PC with an SSD), make sure that you have the latest firmware. In the case of the HPE Phoenix, you can get it RIGHT HERE. For more information....and a life lesson about the importance of updating firmware, read on.

A Closer Look at HP’s Gaming Rigs

I know that I talk a good game, but I’ve finally had more time to continue playing with a couple gaming-grade PCs in HP’s arsenal. I’m talking the Pavilion HPE Phoenix desktop and latest ENVY 17 laptop. Now that I’ve got these tricked-out rigs in my possession, I wanted to give a little straight talk – nerd-to-nerd. I’m going to dive a little deeper into each case, the loadouts that I have and the kind of performance you can get out of these guys.

HP @ CES: A Photoblog

The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is kind of a nerdy mess. THOUSANDS of people swarm in to show off the tech trends for the new year. It’s a lot of sights and sounds to absorb if you're not ready for it. Well, there are parts of it that the press gets up-close-and-personal in a much more manageable ballroom - as opposed to running all around Vegas. Well, I wanted to share a couple pictures that I took during the Digital Experience and Showstoppers events that HP demoed over the past few nights. Then, I wanted to share a couple other things that we did during the show. But, really, CES 2012 was all about the ENVY 14 Spectre.

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