Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Tips (that don’t look last-minute)

Don’t mess with your mom. She knows when you’re lying and she can sniff out when you’ve only remembered Mother’s Day at the last minute. So stow the boxes of chocolate and wilting roses that stink of desperation – hook up that important woman in your life with some solid respect. So, I partnered up with HP printing diva* (*not official title), Jackie Ellwood for a couple key tips and I pipe in with a couple of my own….that’ll hopefully save my keister come Sunday.

The Future of Augmented Reality at SXSWi

As the Interactive portion of South by Southwest (A.K.A. SxSWi) continues, augmented reality continues making major waves throughout the festival. Last year, the first mentions of Google Glasses positioned AR as the next level of digital, interactive 3-dimensional computer technology. This year, AR is now a full-blown multimedia trend. Take Marvel. It launched an AR app at last year’s SxSW Marvel House of Ideas panel, so it’s no surprise they’ve done over 600 AR executions to much fanfare in their print comics. Picture Wolverine falling from a plane—the AR app provided expert commentary on the injuries Wolverine would sustain from the impact as well as how his regenerative powers would kick in and reverse his injuries.


Turn Pictures into AR Video with HP Live Photo

Sure, you can upload that goofy video you just took to plenty of social media sites – but that’s a little lame. What about printing out your video? Say whaaa? That’s what HP Live Photo is all about – a free iOS app that allows you view and make your photos launch to personal videos using Aurasma’s augmented reality technology.  Keep reading to learn more how HP Live Photo works and how you can help make it even more awesome.

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