It’s Official: The EliteBook 2540p “Kicks Ass”

eb 2540p - thumb.JPGIt’s nice to get recognized for the work you’re doing. And in HP’s case, for the work going into a 12.1-inch business laptop that means business. But it’s official: The EliteBook 2540p just got a 9 out of 10 from Maximum PC (and the “Kick Ass” honor).  No need to go too deep into it, but Katherine Stevenson sums it up nicely in the intro: “In last year’s ultraportable notebook roundup (August 2009), HP’s EliteBook 2530p put in a strong showing, wowing us with its good looks, sturdy construction, and strong performance. Its successor, the EliteBook 2540p, is strikingly similar in many regards but has the advantage of new and improved components and a lower price.”

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