X Games World Record Captured with HP Z820 RED-edition Workstation

On Saturday,  two Hot Wheels racecar drivers attempted a world record by defying gravity and simultaneously taking their cars through a six-story Hot Wheels double loop. So, did they do it? You bet! For video proof – and more info about how The Bandito Brothers captured everything, just keep reading!

HP Gear Captures Hot Wheels World Record Attempt This Weekend

No matter what generation you’re a part of, you probably remember the iconic orange Hot Wheels tracks—you know, the ones with the big loops that seemed to make your cars defy gravity. Ever wondered if such a feat was possible in real life? Hot Wheels has teamed up with the X Games to find out this weekend. And guess who is capturing the whole thing: The Bandito Brothers, using HP RED-edition Z820 Workstations.

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