HP’s holiday tour – coming to your town

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.....Rolling down the freeways right now are a couple trucks, one loaded with giant-sized gift boxes and another with rolls of wrapping paper large enough to tie up King Kong in a tidy bow. What’s inside? You'll have to click the link to find out.

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A Busy Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

You might not have the time, but you still want to give a nice, personal gift to make holidays special- even good ‘ole mooshy Valentine’s Day. Lucky for you, we’ve found some EASY and sentimental gifts and projects to make this Valentine’s Day great.

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HP Holiday Deals Alert!

I’ve caught wind of a bunch of deals and offers that HP will have on our shopping site throughout the month of December. So, here’s what’s going to happen: Below, you’re going to see a bunch of dates. As each date comes up, I’ll clue you into the deal that’s currently on the table. Hey, I’m trying to make sure that you’re not missing out on savings. Consider it my holiday hook up for you guys.


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Tech the Halls: A Holiday Guide to New HP Laptops and Desktops

Over the past few months, HP has attempted to give you a bit of everything: A swath of new ENVYs, brought Beats Audio into even more machines and introduced HP’s first-ever ready-for-business Ultrabook. Obviously, we’re in holiday shopping season, so we hit you with a Black Friday Cheat Sheet to save you time navigating the mess of lines and hysteria following the Thanksgiving holiday.

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