HP X2401: Big-Screen Picture at Any Angle

So this big, 11mm thin obelisk shows up on my desk the other day. It’s the HP x2401 LED Backlit Monitor. It’s super-thin, has easy-to-access HDMI and DisplayPort jacks…and it looks good. That’s even before I turned it on. So what’s the deal with this 24-inch MVA display? I plugged it into my ENVY Phoenix desktop to give it a run for its money (which, by the way, is $249). To me, this looks like a good choice if you’re using your PC to soak in multimedia. I’ll get into that in a second.

Connect your PC to your TV through HDMI (and More)

You’ve got an awesome computer. You have a pretty sweet TV just sitting there in your living room, begging to be used. Why not use them together? In fact, I go this route when I want to play games…or watch Netflix. Or Hulu….or read my emails!  OK, maybe not that last bit – but you get the idea: There’s no need to huddle around a small screen. Want to know how to get this stuff set up in short order? Thought so. Keep reading for a breakdown of how to hook your PC to your TV.

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