Chat with HP and Microsoft about TouchSmart PCs

Microsoft holds a Tech Tuesday Twitter chat where you can mix it up and learn more about different facets of PC awesomeness. This week (from 12pm - 1pm PT later today), Ann Finnie, Mark Budgell and yours truly are joining to answer your questions about the latest TouchSmart PCs...and you might even get a shot at winning a TouchSmart 520t PC of your own worth $1,300! Got your interest yet? Thought so. Click on to find out more!

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Puss in Boots: A Workstation on the Red Carpet

When you go see a movie premiere, like, say, DreamWorks Animation’s “Puss in Boots, you expect to see people like Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek sauntering down the red carpet. But what about all the people that are making the actual animation happen? You know, the teams of animators and  engineers that spent hours working on computers to bring these movies to life. In 3D, no less. Well, at least one unsung hero got its moment of glory on the red carpet for the premiere of “Puss in Boots” the other day: The Z800 Workstation – and its entourage.

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Battlefield 3 Goes to War on Your PC's System Specs

You –might’ve- heard about this little game that just came out: Battlefield 3. Yeah, they are pretty much hyping it everywhere. It’s a multiplayer battleground (with a single player campaign that most will probably breeze past). Most important: It’s a game that has a ridiculous level of graphic fidelity. You look at this thing and you’d think you’re watching footage from a war zone with bullets whizzing past you at 60 frames per second. But is your computer up to the task? We’re here to provide a couple tips to make sure that your machine is up to spec (ops).


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Must-Play Touchscreen PC Games

The Touchscreen on a TouchSmart computer is nice and big, sharp get the idea. But the computer lying behind it is perfectly capable of playing games. Want to take full advantage of that cool touchscreen? Then you need to read this story. Some games may not advertise that they are fun to play on a PC, but they do -- and you need to try them out for yourself! Click on through to learn about some of the best games you need to test drive on a TouchSmart desktop PC.

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Own a Piece of Azeroth for Charity

"For the Horde!” was my credo for a couple years in World of Warcraft. Starting today and going through November 14, though, I might have to change my battle cry: “For the kids!” You see, Blizzard Entertainment is selling off pieces of the world of Azeroth in order to raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. For pictures of what you could be bidding on and more details, click on through.

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Smart Upgrades for a New Laptop

A couple days ago, I broke down 10 tips to factor in when you’re contemplating upgrading your old PC. Then I went on to give you some starting points for things to consider when you’re on the market for a new desktop. So, it’s time to once again check into HP’s virtual store. This time, though, we’re gonna eyeball a couple laptops.  I picked out a couple different types of notebooks you might consider buying and how to stack them up so that your new machine will last you a while. So read on for a metric ton of tips.

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HP Webcam HD 5210 – PCMag Approved

A couple weeks back, I had a chance to start kicking the virtual tires on the HP Webcam HD 5210. I wound up holding off on my testing because I was waiting for the Skype 5.6 update that allows you to stream HD-caliber 720p video. But something happened along the way: PC Magazine (a.k.a. gave a pretty positive review to the li’l Webcam. Four out of five, to be precise. If you got the time, head on over and read Jamie Lendino’s full review of the 5210. The story could be done there, but I wanted to call out a couple points that Jamie made in his story and even try to address some of the concerns that he had in his review. So, let’s start with the nice stuff….and work into some of the things that he encountered in his tests.

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Smart Upgrades for a New Desktop

 Today, I’m taking you on a quick stroll through HP’s virtual store and picked out some scenarios or machines you might consider buying and how to stack them up so that your new machine will last you a while. I’ll start with All-in-One PCs like the TouchSmart because the newest batch was recently announced. If you're ready to geek out, read on and get the quick scoop so that you can buy yourself a better machine.

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Demystifying Graphics Settings

When you’re firing up a new game, I’d like to think that you’re tweaking the graphics settings for maximum awesome performance on your PC. Recently, I did a test run on the short-but-sweet Diablo 3 beta (NOT a humblebrag) and that kinda led to a chat with Dan Amrich, AKA OneOfSwords. He was curious about what some of those clandestine graphics settings mean in games that you play. That inspired this quick breakdown on what some of those in-game settings mean. Read on for a quick hitlist....and make sure to check out  the OneOfSwords podcast to learn more about how to improve your games with a little TLC.


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10 Smart PC Upgrading Tips

“Future-proofed” technology. Yeah, right. The best you can hope for is buying a machine that works for you now and comfortably into the foreseeable future. What I’m trying to do in this story is help you extend the life of what you own – or you’re about to buy – and help you not feel like a doofus. (and if you’re a more advanced user, there are still a couple tips in here for you to consider as well)...Read on for 10 useful tips!

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Diablo III’s coming – Is Your PC Ready?

d3 pcs-thumb.jpgOne helluva good PC game is coming. Soon. But is your PC ready for Diablo III? This week, those lucky enough to be beta testers are getting first crack at playing Diablo III before it comes out later this fall. I’m not gonna sit here and rub that in your face. Much.  But I did want to take advantage of this this time to walk you through a couple different HP PCs the game will work on and what settings you should expect to have it at in order to get the best possible experience. Want to find out more about how to make this game sing on your system? Well, what are you waiting for -- just click the link already!

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Fashion Week: HP’s Project Runway Challenge

It wasn’t that long ago Ann told you about the Project Runway Blogger Challenge: There, we equipped prominent design bloggers with tricked-out TouchSmart 610 PCs to see what they could dream up as they tried to play along at home. (You should check out that story – they were coming up with some amazingly creative outfits!) Now, as Fashion Week is upon us in fabulous NYC, the latest HP-Intel Challenge episode of the show has aired. Read on to learn more about what the challenge was, see clips from the show, and hear thoughts from the designers!

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An HP Printer That Takes Your Pictures and Remote Control Printing

What are you doing with your printer? I mean, besides printing up documents, color photos or your flight information before you run out of the house. Well, this week HP held its annual global conference in Shanghai, China showing off the latest innovations we’re releasing (technically, the event was called, "HP IPG Innovation for Impact" for those playing along at home). So, without going into too much hype, I wanted to share a couple cool things with you that you should check out. Read on to learn more....

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Small Box Adds Boom to TouchSmart PCs

HP_Pulse_Sub_woofer_thumb.jpgThe TouchSmart 610 (and newly-announced 520) have two front-firing speakers and this mysterious subwoofer output hiding on the back. Now the mystery is over: You’ve got a tiny box to add some boom to your audio – the HP Pulse. This $150 subwoofer is made to match the style of the above-mentioned all-in-one PCs and tucks away nicely in the home so that it won’t stand out. (Unless you flip a switch on the back). How does this 60-watts sub sound? Obviously, it’s tough to convey how something like this actually sounds without have you hanging out in my home office as I test this stuff, but it’s not going to stop me from trying. Read on for more about the HP Pulse.

The Project Runway Blogger Challenge

runwaythumb.jpg“Make it Work!” – Those are Tim Gunn’s famous motivational words, echoing through the design halls on Lifetime’s Project Runway. In case you’re not familiar with this reality TV show this is how it goes: A bunch of ambitious new designers compete for top honors, cash prizes and a runway show during fashion week in NYC. On the show, they use TouchSmart PCs – and that got some bloggers thinking: “Hey, I think I can do some of these challenges….” And so they are. A few industrious members of the blogosphere got hooked up with TouchSmart 610 PCs for a little test – to see if they could recreate some of the Project Runway challenges at home. I wanted to share some of what’s been happening…

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HP Computers Keep Military Families Connected

When you’re half a world away, it is difficult to keep in touch with the people you love. Now add to that the complication of being in the military. In the best cases, it’s challenging. That’s why I was so proud to hear that HP has been working with Aaron’s and the Armed Forces Foundation. Just last week, we joined together to provide 50 families in Fayetteville, North Carolina with 100 computers so that families could keep in touch with their soldiers during deployment. If you want to learn more about what's happening here, click on through.

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Top Creativity Apps for TouchSmart PCs

stickfigure rawk-thumb.jpg

TouchSmart computers are great - they are like these awesome giant tablets with PC-grade horsepower. Only problem is that you're saddled with trying to find the best software that takes advantage of those snazzy all-in-one PCs. Don't get me wrong! The TouchSmart 610, for example, comes with a lot of great stuff on-board. Like this wacky Recipe app that Ann recently showed off on the blog. This story, however, is about recommending creativity apps that you either bought, might consider buying....or maybe you're just looking for an extra freebie or two to take advantage of what you have.

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Happy 30th Birthday, PC: An Infographic

For HP, it all started back in 1939 with two men working out of a Palo Alto garage. A lot has happened since then. Printers, computers, calculators, touch screen technology—HP has blazed trails and created essential technologies that touch your life now. But to understand how we got to where we are, we need to take a look back. Hence the awesome infographic you can find in the link here. Why are we posting it today, in particular? Read on for the answer.

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DJ Hapa on HP Tech, Feeling Beats and Beating Epilepsy

During a recent trip down to LA, I had the chance to hang with DJ Hapa. We were meeting up because Hapa relies upon HP technology – like the ENVY laptops and TouchSmart 610 desktops that feature Beats audio – whether he’s running the decks or the Scratch Academy DJ school he helped found. But along the way, we got to talking about what drives him and how a diagnosis for epilepsy helped push him on to succeed. Click through the link to read part of that conversation (and a quick video tour of his Scratch Academy).

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TouchPad 3.0.2 Update is Here! (How Does It Work?)

CIMG0195-thumb.jpgIt’s been one month since the TouchPad launched, but it is here – webOS 3.0.2. HP engineers have been working feverishly to deliver this update that provides a number of performance and feature-related boosts. Jon Zilber gave an overview and some details about how updates work over on the webOS GBU blog. Now it’s my turn at bat. Read on for a breakdown on improvements that came in the update, plus some observations about what’s happenin in the 3-0-2....!

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