2013: The year in cool HP gear

x2 family banner.JPGIt’s easy to forget how much can happen in a year’s time. So, with us coming up on the end of 2013, let’s take a step back and call out some of the sweeter HP products to come out in the past year. I have the ridiculously fortunate job of getting paid to play with some of our coolest gear. So, feel free to use this as a mini-cheat sheet for what I’d want for the holidays. (Mom, you paying attention?!?!)

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Hands-On: Leap Motion on your HP keyboard

leap motion keyboard.jpgLeap Motion’s technology – being able to waggle your fingers over a sensor to control apps – is a glimpse into the future. The first gut-reaction everyone thinks of is Minority Report for Windows 8.1. Or having a Tony Stark-esque lair outfitted with this tech. We’re not quite there yet, but I had a chance to tinker with a couple new HP products – the ENVY 17 Leap Motion SE laptop and the new optional Leap Motion keyboard you can select when ordering PCs. Wanna know how it works out? Keep reading….

Hands-On: HP’s Spectre Ultrabook and x2

spectre x2 ultrabook - banner.jpgIf you were to break down HP’s computers like a car company, the Spectre-class is the top of the line. The sleek roadster. The elite ride that you buy to take you places…and show off to people along the way. I recently had a chance to test drive the two latest members of the Spectre family – the 13-inch (and 18mm thin) Spectre Ultrabook as well as the 2-in-1 detachable Spectre x2. Come with me for a minute and let me give you a proper tour of both.

Hands-On: Slate 7 Extreme

slate 7 extreme banner.jpgAs of right now, the Slate 7 Extreme is now officially for sale (for $199). There, I said it. You got the news portion of what’s going down. This story though, is for all you guys out there wondering, “What’s so boss about this 7-inch Nvidia Tegra 4 tablet, anyhow?” I’m here to do my best and break it down for you and give my own two cents along the way. I’m just starting to get some quality testing time with the Slate 7 Extreme, so what questions do you have?

On the road with HP’s Car Camcorder f210

hp f210 car camcorder.JPGYes, there are a lot of ways that you can record video these days. Your digital camera, a phone….tiny action cameras…but when I started goofing around with the Car Camcorder f210 ($149) it quickly became something that I need to keep in the glove compartment at all times. This tiny little guy records 1080p video with a wide-angle lens, is made to mount on your windshield, has a built in accelerometer for collision detection and GPS tracking built in that you can stamp into video if you wanted. Click on through to check out a test video and learn more.

The Pavilion 11 x2 vs. the ENVY x2

pavilion 11 x2 vs. envy x2 - banner.jpgAbout a year ago, we launched the ENVY x2. At the time, it was a one of a kind, all-aluminum device that’s both a sleek 11.6-inch laptop as well as a big-and-beautiful tablet when the screen portion pops off. Well, in a year’s time, HP has doubled down – and then some – on these 2-in-1 detachable PCs. Recently, we unveiled the Pavilion 11 x2 (Which will sell for $599.99, starting November 16th). But what’s the difference between these two tiny 11.6-inch detachables? Keep reading to find out.

Hands-on with HP’s New Chromebook11

chromebook 11 banner.jpgThe word is out. Working in close collaboration with Google, we’re introducing an elegant little number – the HP Chromebook11. Find out what the big deal is all about


New designs, laptops and awesome HP tablets

HP fall 2013 launch banner.jpgToday, we announced A LOT of new gear here on the HP blog. By that I mean, a new powerhouse laptop with a Leap Motion controller sensor built in; Even more – and even cooler – additions to the x2 line of 2-in-1 detachable PCs. That’s saying nothing of the ton of new tablets to surface this week. Click on through to find out everything we're talking about this week.

Why you need to see HP’s new Tegra 4 tablets

Slate 8 Pro - banner.jpgWasn’t too long ago I was extoling the virtues of the NVIDIA Tegra 4-fueled Slatebook x2. The Slatebook x2 – the best of laptop and tablet slammed together in a portable package was only the start. Today, we’re unleashing a number of new models including the Slate7 Extreme and Slate8 Pro. Both of which offer high-resolution screens and one feature that I was needling NVISION’s Patrick Shaw about a couple weeks back that make these awesome gaming devices for your house. What is that? Learn more by clicking through to the full story. 

HP’s ENVY 17: Leap Motion + NVIDIA graphics

Take a high-powered desktop replacement laptop. Load it with a meaty CPU. Insert NVIDIA graphics as an upgrade. How about the gorgeous 1920 by 1080-pixel, 17.3-inch touchscreen? Then embed Leap Motion controls into the keyboard. Stop and think about that for a second. This is the first laptop with Leap Motion technology onboard - you don't need to actually touch anything to control apps. Suddenly, you’ve got a laptop that lets you do everything you need and interact with it the way you want. Pretty sweet, right? If you aren’t going to read beyond this paragraph, that is the new ENVY17 Leap Motion Special Edition. But you want to click through to get some more details….and a watch how it works.

HP tablets, detachables hit Intel’s Bay Trail

Last week during IDF, Intel trumpeted the release of its Bay Trail platform – these chips are incredibly well-suited for going mobile. What I couldn’t tell you until now is that there are two interesting developments on the HP side – a new Pavilion 11-inch 2-in-1 (HP Pavilion11 x2) and a 10-inch tablet (HP Omni10) – that are pretty awesome thanks to having Bay Trail under the hood. Now I can reveal…well, not “ALL,” but certainly more.

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A new, slim Spectre Ultrabook appears

spectre banner.jpgWhen you hear about a new Spectre computer, you need to pay attention. So perk your ears up for more details around the new Spectre13 Ultrabook. I’d say this guy is razor-thin, but really, its desk pen thin. Curious to see how a device this small manages to crank out a gorgeous 2550 by 1400 pixel picture? You’ve got to click the link and see for yourself.

Meet the new Spectre 13 x2 and Split 13 x2

Before I even really get into the Spectre13 x2 and new Split13 x2, you need to understand one thing: these are the types of devices I’ve been craving for ages. They are thin-and-speedy little laptops that also transform into tablets. I’ve talked you guys to death about the many ways I love our x2s – the backup battery built into the keyboard base, the optional extra hard drive in the Split x2…and the pure flexibility is just awesome. But take all that, make it more metal and squeeze it into a slim form factor. NOW we’re talkin’!

ENVY Phoenix 810: PC gaming rises again

I remember some pundits decrying the death of PC gaming as new consoles came up in 2005. Well, look where we are now – PC gaming is better than ever. According to a recent report from Jon Peddie Research, the total PC gaming hardware market will grow to $20.7 billion by 2016. Right now, there are 661 million PC gamers, 12 million of which spend over $1,800 to be classed in the top tier.  (That’s a lot of Battlefield matches!).  

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HP ENVY Recline: Kick back with a good PC

using an ENVY recline.jpgA touchscreen PC is only as good as how often you reach out and touch it. That’s why you need to see what’s going down with the new HP ENVY Recline line. Read on for a detailed hands-on look at this brand new type of all-in-one PC that we’re announcing today.


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Pavilion 23tm: Giving every PC a touchscreen

pavilion 23tm - bannerIf you have a tower desktop – like I do – you’re always eyeballing those sleek all-in-one PCs, jealous of the fact they get to use Windows 8 on a giant, gorgeous touchscreen. Well, now is OUR time. The HP Pavilion 23tm is a crisp 23-inch easel touch screen display. You can recline it back further than your dad’s barca-lounger (70 degrees). You can VESA mount it on a swing arm and go crazy (the Pavilion 23tm, not your dad’s chair). Essentially, you’re getting a much more natural experience where the whole touch screen comes down to your hands. I don’t care whether you’re playing games, finger painting…or flipping through the news, this makes a big difference with longer-term use. The one thing you won’t have to do – sacrifice the horsepower of whatever desktop tower you choose to rock.


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Which x2 is Best for You?!?!

I’m a big fan of our x2 2-in-1 detachable PC design. With it, you’re not forced to choose between what to take with you – as a laptop or pop off the screen to make it a tablet, your call. Now you’re left with bigger questions: “HP’s got three models, how the heck am I supposed to pick the right one?!?!” “What’s the deal between the Windows 8 and the detachable Android models?” Well, that’s where this story is going to help. I’m going to break out in short order the highlights of each of these three to make your life a little easier.

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Why ENVY Rove 20 Rocks the Dorm Room

dorm room rove - banner.jpgIf you’re heading back to the dorms, leave the TV at home. That big, clunky computer? Give it to your kid sister. The ENVY Rove20 is a lot of things – all packed into a sleek 20-inch screen that you can set up anywhere you want in the quad. Here's some reasons why....


Split x2: Powerful Win 8 tablet, laptop

split x2 banner.jpegThe Split x2 is now available for order. But what does that mean for someone that’s been hedging on whether to buy a new computer, or tablet or both? That’s where a 2-in-1 detachable like the Split x2 comes into play. After spending a couple days using a prototype unit exclusively, I’m here to tell you with this hands-on walkthrough.

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EXCLUSIVE: Slate 21 hands-on

slate 21 babysitting - banner.jpgWasn’t too long ago we broke news of the Slate21 here on the blog. The big deal: Taking Android to a big screened, Nvidia Tegra 4-powered desktop in your house. Or summer house. Or wherever you want to set up shop. Last time out, I sat down with HP’s Eric Wiggins for his insights about the design as well as the all-important, “why?” Today, let’s dive a couple levels deeper as we go hands-on, mano-a-touch-screeno with the Slate21.

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