There’s No Good Reason Not to Recycle

HP is working hard to make recycling your old computer equipment easy and convenient. Now, you can bring your electronics for free recycling to any of the more than 1,500 Staples locations throughout the United States thanks to a recycling program just launched by HP and Staples. We've got all the details inside.

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SmartHome Improvement: Green Your Electronics

tajmahal-thumb.jpgContrary to popular belief, the HP SmartHome’s electricity bill doesn’t rack up more than a small city. We’re constantly evaluating the best ways to keep energy consumption down as we’re installing the latest gear. Even if you don’t have a fully-automated house, there are plenty of simple things you can do in your daily nerd-ridden routine as well. That’s why Darren and I put our heads together to give you some of our favorite tech-greening tips in this latest installment of SmartHome Improvement. Read on for this awesome collection of tips on how you can green your routine whether you're living in a smart home...or not. (PICTURED: Not-quite-a-smart-home, this Taj Mahal was built with recycled HP PC parts.)

Labels: green| Trends’s ‘Green Your School Challenge’ Winners Share the Secrets of Their Success

See the fun ways students from more than 2,500 schools around the country greened their classrooms, cafeterias and campus grounds and entered an eco-friendly competition sponsored by HP and  Their remarkable results will surely inspire you to green your own school, office or community. Read on to learn how.

Happy Earth Day! And a side of GREEN inspiration

Olivia_Munn_T.jpgStudents all across the country are cleaning up classrooms, picking up trash, recycling and otherwise “greening” their schools…with a little extra incentive from HP and Who wouldn’t get behind that, right? Take a cue from Olivia Munn, the hilarious correspondent from The Daily Show and star of Perfect Couples –  submit your ideas for how you could green your school. Today is the last day to submit your ideas, so if you haven’t yet…GET THEM IN! Click through to read more about how you can enter.

Plastiki sets sail for a Greener World

My pride in HP’s green programs is no secret. But the announcement made today about HP’s support of the Plastiki expedition might be, in my opinion, one of the coolest green initiatives we’ve driven to date.

For those of you who don’t know, the Plastiki expedition is an effort by adventurer David de Rothschild and his environmental foundation Adventure Ecology to inspire people to rethink waste as a resource. To that end, they will sail across the Pacific Ocean in a 60 foot catamaran created from reclaimed plastic bottles and recycled materials. Along the way, they will document and capture data on the impact of pollution on environmentally sensitive regions, including the Eastern Garbage Patch where plastic pollution the size of Texas has accumulated. Check out some of the great Plastiki videos on YouTube.


The Eastern Garbage Patch, also known as the Pacific Gyre, is located in the central North Pacific Ocean. Having just returned from a trip to Hawaii that included a stop at the famous Hanauma Bay marine sanctuary, the potential for such a large repository of trash to impact our national treasures scares me beyond words. It has also captured the attention of everyone from scientists, including Charles Moore who is credited with discovering it, to photographic artist Chris Jordan who created this inspiring piece.

HP’s contribution the expedition? We are equipping Plastiki with energy efficient and durable technology that the team will use for data capture and documentation. HP is also sponsoring a Plastiki Mission Control Center at Pier 45 in San Francisco, where visitors can view exhibits of the boat-building process, track the expedition on animated maps, interact with the crew via text and webcam messages, and much more.

I attended the kick-off event at Pier 45 and found myself captivated by David as he talked about the unique challenges encountered while designing the boat. In particular I was fascinated as he described their search to find an environmentally friendly plastic able to provide enough longitudinal rigidity needed to keep the boat intact on high seas, but is still be easily recyclable after the voyage is complete.

Check out photos from the event here. Read more on HP’s support here.

The vessel is currently under construction at San Francisco’s Pier 31. It will travel 12,000 nautical miles from San Francisco to Sydney. Bon Voyage!
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