A Far Cry 3 Technology Tour (and Tweak Tips)

Far Cry 3 strands you on a gorgeous – and deadly – tropical island. EVEN IF you weren’t a gamer, you’d want to just roam and explore this dysfunctional bullet-riddled slice of paradise. It is a showcase for what a PC was born to do….and it also happens to be fun to play. Let’s take you on a quick technical tour of the fictional Rook Islands, give you some tweaking tips regardless of the graphics card you have and things to look for in the tech and on the island.

Laptops: Better Than Game Consoles

If you bought a laptop today – and I’m talking even a slim, little Sleekbook…not some game-crusher like the Pavilion dv7 – you’d have an overall better experience than some console collecting dust in your home entertainment center and I dare you to convince me otherwise. 

The Newest AMD, Nvidia Graphics Cards: Tested in HPE Phoenix

Back in March, I took a closer look at how a tricked out HPE Phoenix performed in a couple quick tests with an Nvidia GTX 580 inside. In short, it is pretty solid for a mainstream single-GPU gaming machine. So, what I'm doing for this quick update - as you probably figured out from the title - is that I got my greedy little mitts on a slew of the newest graphics boards. I'm talking AMD's Radeon HD 7950, the HD 7970....and Nvidia's latest release – the GTX 680 – for a spin. Snagged-and-plugged-in, I am now in the midst of running a couple tests on this board. If you're curious to see what kind of difference these cards can make, read on....

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TheNextBenchmark: How I Test HP PCs

You may -- or may not -- have noticed, but as new machines come in, I do my best to get a little quality one-on-one time with these new PCs. Today, I wanted to tell you a little bit about the battery of tests that we're throwing at these computers here at HP’s TheNextBench.com. I like to call it, “TheNextBenchmark” because I'm clever like that. Or not. Curious to see how your PC stacks up? I’ve got some of the best tests for your rig – and I’m going to show you where to find ‘em.

AMD’s Radeon 7600M Graphics for New ENVY Laptops

So I’m a big tease. Recently, when we unveiled the newest breed of ENVY laptops, I only said that that “Video:  [A new AMD graphics processor I can’t tell you yet]” was coming in these new machines. Well, there was some confusion, some speculation and I’m here to now officially put that all to rest: HP’s Cameron Duncan confirmed the ENVY 15 gets the 7650M; The ENVY 17 gets the 7690M. As far as notebooks graphics goes, they have worked well in my initial tests. You want more details? Keep reading.

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