NVIDIA (& HP SlateBook x2) at PAX Prime 2013

slatebook x2 PAX - banner.jpgRight now, the largest collection of nerds (outside of the Microsoft campus) descends upon the Seattle area for PAX Prime. It’s a HUGE show where game-makers hang out with gamers for the Labor Day weekend, geeking out and getting tastes of the latest stuff coming out this fall. Our pals from NVIDIA will be there in GeForce (pun!) to promote graphics cards…and Tegra 4. In fact, if you get on over to their booth you’ll be able to play around with the SlateBook x2.

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Awesome Android games for the SlateBook x2

slatebook x2 race game -banner.jpgThe final, retail version of the SlateBook x2 just showed up in my greedy little hands today. A fully-functional Android Jellybean-ized 2-in-1 detachable hybrid – tablet and laptop in one. It’s rocking a Tegra 4 processor on the 1920 by 1200-pixel panel. It’s…..oh, what the heck am I waiting for? It’s time to play some games! After consulting with my buddy and NVIDIA Tegra frontman, Jordan Dodge, we came up with some of our favorite timekillers you should try playing on the SlateBook x2.

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Alien invasion PC games worth playing

alien invasion intro image.jpgToday, we’re listing out some great PC games you should be playing (or should have played a LONG time ago). 

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Nvidia Titan Runs Well on HP ENVY Phoenix

envy phoenix 800.jpgThe latest, greatest multimedia desktop – HP’s ENVY Phoenix 800 – has been formally announced. The update features 4th Generation Intel Core processors….and all the other frostiness that you’ve come to know – since I’ve yammered about these PCs on the blog for some time now. So, I wanted to drive a little point home for you to ponder before the new rev launches on June 5th (starting at $1099): This may be a mainstream machine-priced, but it has enough wattage to run a Titan. The Nvidia Titan, that is.

HP’s Windows 8 Appdate: Good Game Picks

Since Windows 8 Launched, I’ve been doing my part to test it. So, in the name of “work,” I continue downloading the games available in the Windows 8 App store. (I’ve already done a number of stories about Win 8 apps on the blog, but what you’re going to find below is a quick hit list of titles I’ve come across worth checking out.)

HP’s Epic Game Development Workstation

Here’s the big news, up front: HP’s Z-series workstations are now fully certified by Autodesk, Epic Games and PNY technologies so that developers know that they are working with the best possible systems to create games. Behold the ALT Systems Game Developer Edition!

A Far Cry 3 Technology Tour (and Tweak Tips)

Far Cry 3 strands you on a gorgeous – and deadly – tropical island. EVEN IF you weren’t a gamer, you’d want to just roam and explore this dysfunctional bullet-riddled slice of paradise. It is a showcase for what a PC was born to do….and it also happens to be fun to play. Let’s take you on a quick technical tour of the fictional Rook Islands, give you some tweaking tips regardless of the graphics card you have and things to look for in the tech and on the island.

Great PC Games of 2012 (and the PCs to Play Them On)

I’m just gonna call it – 2012 was a BIG year for PC Gaming. Forget all this talk about consoles or going mobile. There’s been some huge developments – and huge games – that came out in 2012. So for some end-of-year celebrating, We’re taking a quick look back at a big trend and some great games.


E3 2012 and HP

Last week, at the 2012 Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3), I wanted to try something a little different. Sure, I set up some new laptops like the Envy Sleekbook 6 and the new, beefy Pavilion dv7, but I also trotted out a couple quality desktops already in-the-market that got their game faces on: The Pavilion HPE Phoenix and the TouchSmart 520. Then a couple people came up to me during the course of the show asking, “So….HP is making gaming PCs?” My answer: “EVERY HP computer is a gaming PC these days! Best of all: It doesn’t take a ton of money to get a good experience.”

Gift-Wrapping New PCs: A Parent’s Guide

At some point, your kids will plant themselves in front of a PC and hopefully learn a thing or two. So, a few parents – and one manchild (me) – had a goal: Help you pick the right kind of computers for your kids….and the programs you should install on it. After my computer-centric rants, you’ll find a quick breakdown list of apps and helpful tips from a few parents I sit near at work. What can I say? We just want to help you share the gift of nerdity this holiday season.


5 Games to Play While Waiting for Diablo 3

ds3-thumb.jpgToday it will have been 11 years  – 11. Freakin. Years. – since Diablo II surfaced. And we’re still hanging on every drip of news that slips out of the Activision Blizzard HQ for word on Diablo III.  If you’re anything like me, you’re tired of waiting of the sequel-pocalypse – and that’s why I’m writing this story. There are plenty of games out there right now that can help scratch that itch (one in particular came out last week – Dungeon Siege III) and I'm going to clue you into a couple worth trying. I put this list of five recent(ish) games are low-impact experiences that could keep you entertained while you’re taking a break from the heat this summer. And, for good measure, I’m gonna give you a ballpark of what kind of HP machines you can expect each game here to run on (and some settings you can try using).

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3D Mark 11 – The Next Generation…

3dmark Call it nostalgia, but Futuremark’s recent announcement of 3D Mark 11 benchmarking software really took me back. It evoked memories of playing EA’s Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (a classic first person shooter) on my then-cutting edge gaming rig. This was in 2002. Ancient by today’s standards, I had the baddest rig on the block back in the day. We're talking Intel Pentium 4 Extreme CPU, the Intel D875PBZ “Bonanza” motherboard, 1GB of DDR system memory, ATI 9800 Pro 128mb AGP Graphics card, RAIDed 120GB IDE hard drives, Pioneer DVDRW optical drives, a gigabit NIC, Windows XP Pro and 19" LCD monitors.

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