Deus Ex: Made with HP Workstations

I knew that HP computers were used to play games….do that all the time. I knew that they help run and maintain many of the MMO worlds that gamers explore like World of Warcraft and Rift. What I didn’t consider is how many game developers rely upon HP Workstations to create the worlds that you play. Take, for instance, Eidos Montreal – the team behind last year’s critical hit, Deus Ex: Human Revolution. In order to make the game, Eidos Montreal relied upon the horsepower of Z-Series Workstations. For more information -- and a behind-the-scenes video at the studio -- click on through.


TheNextBenchmark: How I Test HP PCs

You may -- or may not -- have noticed, but as new machines come in, I do my best to get a little quality one-on-one time with these new PCs. Today, I wanted to tell you a little bit about the battery of tests that we're throwing at these computers here at HP’s I like to call it, “TheNextBenchmark” because I'm clever like that. Or not. Curious to see how your PC stacks up? I’ve got some of the best tests for your rig – and I’m going to show you where to find ‘em.

We Need More Hardcore PC Games!

TheWitcher2_Main_T.jpgFor every benchmark-worthy game like a Crysis 2, there are hundreds of Flash games and bite-sized casual apps these days. Darren makes a case why we need more titles that can make your PC cry for mercy. And his hopes for what he wants to see at E3 this year. Before you write him off as a crackpot, take a read and let us know what you think.

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