Ask the Nerd: Notebook Gaming Tips

nerdteaser.jpgMy name is Darren and I'm a nerd. And I also happen to be a bit of a gamer. And by a bit I mean way more than my wife would like. For years, I always looked for ways to sneak in a game or two. Whether we’re talking notebooks, netbooks, smartphones….well, you get the idea. It just so happens that this week, we got a question that is near and dear to my nerdly heart. Someone who bought an HP G62-143cl ( reviewed it a couple months back.) desperately wants to get his game on. Well, let’s hook him up! Here’s the question, in a nutshell: I tried playing a game on the laptop and it lags. I asked different people about installing a new video card on my laptop and said its better not to because it might be too expensive. But now I’m looking for games that I can play on it. What games would you recommend?

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