From Ultraportable to Ultrabook (and Beyond)

This week we’ve been looking at a very brief history of where we’ve been – and where we are going with Ultraportables. The definition – and expectations – of what we’d consider a small PC may have changed in a short period of time, but what we’re also seeing now is tech that is quickly catching up with our needs. The point of these stories is to catch you up to speed and get you thinking a little bit about what can happen next. For a brief summary of the stories in this series, keep reading.


From Ultraportable to Ultrabook – The Evolution of Thin/Light Laptops, Part 2

One of the cool things about working here at HP is that I always get to catch up with like-minded, awesomely nerdy guys from time to time.  (I mean that in the nicest, most sincere way possible – REALLY!) You go out for a shwerma and you come back with a cool little interview. I recently ran into John McCarthy, Product Manager for Premium Notebooks, and we had an interesting chat about where things are going in Ultrabook / Sleekbook space. Check it out!

From Ultraportable to Ultrabook – The Evolution of Thin/Light Laptops, Part 1

We’ve been chasing this dream of proper thin-and-light computing for ages. Doesn’t matter whether you call it an “Ultraportable” or these days an “Ultrabook,” the goal remained the same: A reasonably powerful portable experience with minimal sacrifices. Anyone remember the Pavilion dv2? I sure do! Keep reading for a quick look at the Ultraportable evolution and see where we are at now.

Real Life Road Test: Folio 13

The Folio13 really is a great little laptop – sorry, ultrabook – when you need to hit the road for work. It’s long battery life more than just a bullet point to put on a press release. In fact, I recently put my money where my mouth is – on the road for CES, I wanted to travel light. Ridiculously light. SO, for a full week, I only used the reasonably svelte Folio13 and nothing else. Heck, I didn’t even bring the charger along with me during the day as I roamed the CES show floor. Want to hear about the results? Read on.

HP @ CES: A Photoblog

The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is kind of a nerdy mess. THOUSANDS of people swarm in to show off the tech trends for the new year. It’s a lot of sights and sounds to absorb if you're not ready for it. Well, there are parts of it that the press gets up-close-and-personal in a much more manageable ballroom - as opposed to running all around Vegas. Well, I wanted to share a couple pictures that I took during the Digital Experience and Showstoppers events that HP demoed over the past few nights. Then, I wanted to share a couple other things that we did during the show. But, really, CES 2012 was all about the ENVY 14 Spectre.

CES: The Tech Behind Tiesto – and a Free Concert

A couple days ago, we officially announced that HP and Intel are sponsoring a concert featuring Tiesto. It’s a celebration of the HP ENVY 14 Spectre launch, the state of Ultrabooks….and, well, it’s CES in Vegas – always a good reason to party. But why am I mentioning this to you here on this blog? To remind you that tomorrow night, we’ll be streaming the concert live over Twitter.

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