HP at the Baseball Hall of Fame

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Baseball season officially kicked off this past weekend. You know what that means: Hot dogs, home runs…HP? Well, if you happen to be in Cooperstown, NY it does. You see, HP powers the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. Not just what’s sitting at people’s desks – HP powers everything in the building. The tickets, the digital signage in the lobby, the neat exhibit prints on the walls…down to what every staff member uses to keep track of all the priceless Baseball memorabilia (ENVY 700 and ENVY Phoenix 810  desktops) and carry with them when traveling (ENVY 15s and Spectre 13 Ultrabooks). While I look for excuses to book a flight for a personal tour this year, I caught up with Ken Meifert, Vice President of Sponsorship and Development at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, for a quick chat about how HP technology helps them.

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Slate 7 Extreme: Your conference buddy

If you’ve ever gone to any kind of conference, you check in and get some overloaded bag full of goofy tchotchkes, squeezy balls, pens and documents detailing everything going down that week. Well, for DocuSign’s Momentum conference, everybody checked in and got handed off an HP Slate 7 Extreme. For free. No books, no nonsense, everything attendees needed for the conference was all on their brand new Android tablet (as well as the DocuSign app – of course).

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HP x2 detachables win iF design awards

if design award-banner.jpgYou can’t argue with good design. It’s that blend of looking good and working better through thoughtful planning. It’s smart craftsmanship that makes things seem more simple and elegant at the same time. When a device gets it all right, they get a nod from the International Forum Design (iF) organization. Last year, HP was recognized for both the ENVY x2 detachable PC and the sleek SpectreONE all-in-one desktop for excellence in design. This year, we got a ton of recognition.


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HP at Mobile World Congress

Right now, half-a-world away in Barcelona, reporters are getting tasty teases of the future. The latest in mobile and wearable technology is on display at Mobile World Congress – and last night some of those gathered were able to get hands-on time with some of our newest products. Namely the Slate VoiceTabs and the newly-announced Pavilion x360.

I wanted to give you a little bit more of the latest intel…and, well, if a picture is worth a thousand words, these Vines should keep you more than covered.

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6 tips to turn your PC into a sports center

Here in the states, Super Bowl XLVIII kicks off on Sunday. You can go to any number of places to get the skinny on awesome Buffalo wings recipes or dainty dishes…or whatever. Me? I want information. A full overload of what’s happening in and around the game. Here’s a couple pro-tips on how to use the tech you’ve already got in your house to make the most of the day to turn your PC into your own personal sports center.

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Emerging filmmakers on HP, tech and Sundance

While we could profile Influential movie business bigwigs during the Sundance Film Festival, we thought that it’d be more interesting to see what the NEXT generation of filmmakers is up to and where they see technology taking film development.

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HP at the Sundance Film Festival

sundance 2014.jpgThe film community is strapping on mukluks and heading off to Park City, Utah for the 2014 Sundance Film Festival. And HP is setting up shop for the week at the Kimball Art Center (COME ON BY!) Why? Not only are we providing the technology for the entire show, we’re showing off how HP’s gear has been instrumental in modern movie-making.

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HP helps Jimmy Kimmel prank John Krasinski

For the past few years, Jimmy Kimmel and John Krasinski prank each other for the holidays. This time out, we wanted to help. This is what you get.

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2Days Beat – HP’s YouTube music experiment

split x2 - beats mixr - banner.jpgWe need your help for a little experiment. Next week, we are taking over YouTube with Clams Casino to create an Interactive live recording session and your comments are what’s gonna make this awesome. We’re calling it, “2Days Beat.” (#MixingBeats) - click on through to learn more!

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5 Things I Learned About Eco-Design

The design community was buzzing over what it means to be green at the annual Dwell on Design conference. Industry leaders presented their latest innovations and debated the contradictions inherent in sustainable design. After all, designers are creating more products for us to buy, and how sustainable is increased consumption? Read on to hear what I learned about the world of eco-design....and some insights that can help you as well.

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Maker Faire 2011: webOS apps and Weird, Wired Sights

Let’s call Maker Faire what it really is: It’s a carnival of workshops and free thinkers, folks sharing their love of creating. It’s a testament to Do-It-Yourselfers. It’s Burning Man where everyone keeps their clothes on. For the sake of this story, I’m going to go over some of my experiences from this past weekend. I’ve got videos, photos and a couple stories to share. But first, I want to bring you up to speed for what HP was doing at this Silicon Valley geekfest. Read on for all the details.

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