In Your Bag: Throw a Summer Jam with Tech

Whether you’re heading somewhere for a couple hours, the day or a full-blown trip, you need to pack your bag. What do you bring with you? Well, obviously, that depends on what you’ve got planned. Throughout the summer, we’re going to brainstorm a couple things that you might do…and give you some tips on what to stuff in your bag. This time out: What you need to throw a proper summer jam party.

In Style with ENVY x2s (and Windows 8)

Jay Strut – (A.K.A @jaystrut) – is a style blogger. But what happens when you hook someone like him up with an ENVY x2? We had the chance to find out recently as Melissa Zieger hung out with the man, a number of other blogger-buddies and Dimitry Sholokhov (winner of Season 10’s Project Runway) for a little experiment. Jay kindly volunteered to guest blog for us to describe what happened….

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The HP x2 Family Gets a Little Bigger. And Smaller.

Today, we’re announcing how the x2 line is getting bigger (with the Core-processor-powered Split x2) and smaller (thanks to the SlateBook x2, the first Android hybrid to rock an Nvidia Tegra 4 processor). So, since we’ve got your attention let’s dig a little deeper into both.

5 Reasons to Check out the Split x2

Let me see if this describes you: You can’t decide on any given day if you should break out the tablet or your laptop. You like having the power to do things like, say, play advanced games….but also not need to drag around an oversized machine. If this sounds familiar, I think that the x2 family of PCs might be worth checking out. Namely, the new Split x2.

If you’re not familiar with our x2 computers, let me get you up to speed with this Top 5 list that breaks down a couple of the bigger reasons….

Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Tips (that don’t look last-minute)

Don’t mess with your mom. She knows when you’re lying and she can sniff out when you’ve only remembered Mother’s Day at the last minute. So stow the boxes of chocolate and wilting roses that stink of desperation – hook up that important woman in your life with some solid respect. So, I partnered up with HP printing diva* (*not official title), Jackie Ellwood for a couple key tips and I pipe in with a couple of my own….that’ll hopefully save my keister come Sunday.

Smart Design Tips for Your Tech (and Your Home)

 If there’s one person who knows organizing, it’s Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, the founder of The site started out as a services resource for those in small spaces, but it’s morphed into much more and is now a go-to blog and connected community for organizing and home-related advice and tips. So who better to turn to for advice on how to fit tech smartly into your home?

The ENVY x2: Student Approved!

Lately, I’ve been….well….let’s just say gushing about the ENVY x2. The reasons: Its flexibility as a laptop and tablet, its tiny, slick lines and then there’s the awesome battery life. THAT’S ALL TRUE. But what I haven’t really talked about is how this is the perfect student’s laptop. I mean, it’s gotta be considering everything that can be accomplished on a single battery charge.


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An ENVY x2 Convert’s Tale

This isn’t going to come as a surprise, but I love the ENVY x2. And not just because I work at HP. This is the kind of computer that I’ve wanted for a loooooooooooong time – and I use it as my main machine these days. As more people lay hands on them, though, they seem equally impressed. Today, I’m going to share a couple stories from people I’ve chatted with and one story from ZDNet I read this weekend that got me thinking of sharing these tales.

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HP’s Gadget Madness, Week Two

There were some hard hard-fought fights – and a couple upsets – in the first round of HP’s Gadget Madness. But here we are, a week later and eight less competitors. Who went onto the next round? Let’s go over some of the key plays and get geared up for week two!

HP’s Gadget Madness. In March.

It’s time to see HP’s gadgets square off to find who’s got the skills to be the best in a nerdy bit of March craziness.Maybe the ENVY x2 that has the juice to outlast the competition. Or it could be the ENVY Phoenix h9, overpowering anything that gets in its way. YOU GUYS are going to help decide the winner. We’re laying out the brackets out for you right now and through comments, Facebook and Twitter, you’re going to chime in to tell us who you think should be advancing to the next round.

ENVY x2 – The Software and the Speed

If you’re trying to grasp what the ENVY x2 is capable of doing, this story is for you. If you’re already a believer and own an ENVY x2 (like me), this story is still for you. I’m updating my list of software recommendations for the ENVY x2 right here.

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Over 10 Hours with the ENVY x2

Are you casing public locations for the nearest outlet like some “Last Gas for 200 miles” desperation play? Our intreped blogger rocks the ENVY x2 for a full day without a charger. How far does he get? Click on through....

A Week with the ENVY x2

We’re going to try something a little different here at TheNextBench. This week, the blog is all about the ENVY x2 hybrid PC. Basically, I’ve taken a one-week tour of the awesome little lapto … I mean…table…the ENVY x2. Me and one machine for seven days of work and play. No cheating, no backup computers. Whatever happens to me, I'll be telling you about here. Keep checking back here for a deeper dive into the device and I promise to be as straight with you as possible in the process. If you have questions, ask ‘em in the comments…but here’s what I plan on tackling over the next few days...

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Laptop + Tablet or an ENVY x2?

When I first looked at the ENVY x2, I knew that I was holding something unique. Beyond the sleek aluminum case – or the fact that this is a hybrid PC – it’s difficult to compare it to other computers on the store shelves. Do you stack it up against tablets? What about slim Laptops? You ask me, I always thought of the ENVY x2 as a nimble little laptop that one-ups a tablet at the same time. My two cents on the matter to follow....

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ENVY x2 Software Recommendations (and tips!)

I used to take a tablet with me. Everywhere. But every once in a while, I’d still have to whip out my laptop to get serious. The ENVY x2 does more than just double as both, it’s funky and functional. So, I decided to share with you what I’m doing with the ENVY x2 and give you a realistic breakdown of what you can actually pull off.


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The Right Computer for YOU

“Do something that fits with your personality.” Someone that likes writing and geeks the hell out with tech, should be a blogger. The same logic goes for your PC. Why get something that doesn’t fit your needs – or your budget? Where do YOU fit in and what do you need? Well, we decided to look at a couple different usage models and gave different levels of suggestions depending on how much money you want to spend (or save).

HP Tech Atop Mt. Kilimanjaro

I spent the last week hiking the tallest free-standing mountain in the world. For work. If you want a recap on Why I did it….and what I used…feel free to check out those things I just linked. Today, I wanted to share some tips and a little bit of this once-in-a-lifetime climb with you.

A Trophy Year for HP’s Computers

You know a good design when you see it. Whether it’s a product that works better, looks better or just effortless you use, you can spot brilliance. Well, one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world thought that highly of HP’s latest computers, giving nods to both the ENVY x2 hybrid PC and the sleek SpectreONE all-in-one desktop for excellence in design.

CES: New HP Gear, an Ultrabook Tree and One GIANT Laptop

A full week of "geek" is still going on in Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show as I write this...and it's been a busy one for HP. In fact, we just got a best-of-CES  award from for the EliteBook Revolve. I also hit the floor to give you photo evidence of what HP and some of our partners were up to during the show.

CONTEST: Spy HP Gear During CES and Win Big!

I’m patrolling the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show this week, checking out some of the newest gear. What if I told you that you have a chance to win some HP’s hottest stuff…even if you can’t make it to Las Vegas for the annual Running of the Nerds? 


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