HP’s Gadget Madness, Week Three

There were some hard hard-fought fights – and a couple upsets – in the first round of HP’s Gadget Madness. And the second round was full of surprises as well. What we’re left with are an interesting collection of contenders. In fact, The Geeky and Nerdy Conference Finals this week have shown that the battle lines have been drawn. The Geeky Conference brings out the best in mobility while the Nerdy Conference will be all about who has the home (court) advantage. OK, time to catch up on the competition from this past week!

HP’s Gadget Madness, Week Two

There were some hard hard-fought fights – and a couple upsets – in the first round of HP’s Gadget Madness. But here we are, a week later and eight less competitors. Who went onto the next round? Let’s go over some of the key plays and get geared up for week two!

HP’s Gadget Madness. In March.

It’s time to see HP’s gadgets square off to find who’s got the skills to be the best in a nerdy bit of March craziness.Maybe the ENVY x2 that has the juice to outlast the competition. Or it could be the ENVY Phoenix h9, overpowering anything that gets in its way. YOU GUYS are going to help decide the winner. We’re laying out the brackets out for you right now and through comments, Facebook and Twitter, you’re going to chime in to tell us who you think should be advancing to the next round.

Great PC Games of 2012 (and the PCs to Play Them On)

I’m just gonna call it – 2012 was a BIG year for PC Gaming. Forget all this talk about consoles or going mobile. There’s been some huge developments – and huge games – that came out in 2012. So for some end-of-year celebrating, We’re taking a quick look back at a big trend and some great games.


HP X2401: Big-Screen Picture at Any Angle

So this big, 11mm thin obelisk shows up on my desk the other day. It’s the HP x2401 LED Backlit Monitor. It’s super-thin, has easy-to-access HDMI and DisplayPort jacks…and it looks good. That’s even before I turned it on. So what’s the deal with this 24-inch MVA display? I plugged it into my ENVY Phoenix desktop to give it a run for its money (which, by the way, is $249). To me, this looks like a good choice if you’re using your PC to soak in multimedia. I’ll get into that in a second.

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