What’s The Difference Between Intel 2nd- and 3rd-Gen Core Ultrabooks?

There’s something under the hood that a couple of you guys on the boards have been asking about – measuring the physical performance jump between the two latest generations of Core CPUs. In short, you wanted to see up-close-and-personal what the difference would be between Intel’s 2nd and 3rd gen Core processors in our Ultrabook offerings. So, I decided to grab two of our units that offered the same RAM (4GB), same speedy SSD….the only big difference being the CPU.

Will Guild Wars 2 Run on an HP Ultrabook?

If that is all you wanted to know, yes, Guild Wars 2 could run right now on an Ultrabook that had 4GB of RAM and a 2nd-generation Intel Core Processor. I did it on an ENVY 14 Spectre, and I’ll show you the proof in this post in a few. Now, if you wanted more details like… “What’s the big deal about Guild Wars 2, anyway?” and “What are some recommended configurations for when you set it up on your machine?” then keep reading.

A Closer Look at the ENVY 4 and ENVY 6

We gave you the scoop when the ENVY 4 and ENVY 6 launched. I demonstrated in videos how the ENVY 6 performs under pressure by playing DiRT 3. Now that I’ve had more prolonged time with the Sleekbook flavor of this slim machine, I now have some benchmarks and insights to back up how they perform...and some thoughts from the guys at PC World. Keep reading for the skinny.

From Ultraportable to Ultrabook (and Beyond)

This week we’ve been looking at a very brief history of where we’ve been – and where we are going with Ultraportables. The definition – and expectations – of what we’d consider a small PC may have changed in a short period of time, but what we’re also seeing now is tech that is quickly catching up with our needs. The point of these stories is to catch you up to speed and get you thinking a little bit about what can happen next. For a brief summary of the stories in this series, keep reading.


From Ultraportable to Ultrabook – The Evolution of Thin/Light Laptops, Part 1

We’ve been chasing this dream of proper thin-and-light computing for ages. Doesn’t matter whether you call it an “Ultraportable” or these days an “Ultrabook,” the goal remained the same: A reasonably powerful portable experience with minimal sacrifices. Anyone remember the Pavilion dv2? I sure do! Keep reading for a quick look at the Ultraportable evolution and see where we are at now.

Flo Rida: The Road to Stardom and the Story Behind “Wild Ones”

“Inside the Actor’s Studio” meets Tweet-up, meets cocktail party, ARTIST #TALK is a place for influencers from the music community to hear the stories behind the music and get to know the artist on a personal basis. And of course, attendees  got to hear Flo Rida’s new album and check out his latest videos through Beats Audio on the ENVY14 SpectreENVY 4ENVY 6Pavilion dm4 Beats EditionTouchSmart 420 and ENVY 23 AIO.

5 Things to Pack in Your Laptop Bag

I used to travel. A lot. While I might not be the jet-setting playboy anymore, that doesn’t stop me from making sure that I have all the necessary gear when leaving the house. So, whether you’re going someplace sweet for summer vacation or you want to be prepared for all eventualities on that next business trip, go with this quick pre-flight checklist. You can thank me later.

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