The Envy 23 TouchSmart In-Law Test Drive

A little over a month ago, we fixed up Darren's in-laws with an ENVY 23 TouchSmart for a little experiment: See how they’d fare with a Windows 8-fueled, ENVY 23 TouchSmart PC. Prior to our little experiment, they didn’t have a touch-screen PC and they hadn’t ventured too far into Windows 8. Here's what they had to say....

Meet the Parents: An In-Laws Test Drive of the ENVY 23 TouchSmart

Meet Jerry and Paulette or, as I like to call ‘em, the in-laws. They’re good people, “Baby Boomers” and they aren’t exactly afraid of technology. But they aren’t your classic early adopters, either. They haven’t really looked too much into Windows 8 or touch screen computing. (“I’ve been pretty happy with system 7,” Jerry says.) Until now. I put them both in the hot seat for a little experiment we’re going to try throughout the Month of April. They will get hands-on experience using the ENVY 23 TouchSmart in their house and every week, I’m going to check back in with them to see what they are learning from our little test drive.

The Right Computer for YOU

“Do something that fits with your personality.” Someone that likes writing and geeks the hell out with tech, should be a blogger. The same logic goes for your PC. Why get something that doesn’t fit your needs – or your budget? Where do YOU fit in and what do you need? Well, we decided to look at a couple different usage models and gave different levels of suggestions depending on how much money you want to spend (or save).

8 Bloggers + 8 Families + 8 HP ENVY 23 TouchSmarts = #HPFamilyTime

We invited eight tech-savvy bloggers to review the HP ENVY 23 TouchSmartAll-in-One PC during the holiday season to see if the technology could keep up with their busy lifestyles, help them connect with out-of-town relatives, and ultimately bring their family closer together during this important time of year. As the program comes to a close, we decided to ask the participants about their experiences—what they liked, didn’t like, favorite games and apps—and if they created any new traditions with their desktop this year.


Organizing Your Physical and Virtual Desktop

The state of that flat surface around your computer says a lot about you, according to a study from – which found that those with organized desks “tend to be more tech-savvy” and are 5 percent more likely to put their personal and social life first. Where do you fit in? And what are some good tips for making your messy desk (and PC's desktop) a little less cluttered? Keep reading for some great tips

Personalize Your Tech Gifts

If you’re already planning to gift the latest and greatest in tech this year, I’ve got a few suggestions. More than gifting a just a PC or printer and leaving your loved ones to the set-up and download, why not make it personal? First step is to pick the right piece of tech, and the next step is to select and sync the right apps and software to bring them joy all year long. Here’s some fun the suggestions to prep your presents for mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, and the kids.

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