HP’s Gadget Madness. In March.

It’s time to see HP’s gadgets square off to find who’s got the skills to be the best in a nerdy bit of March craziness.Maybe the ENVY x2 that has the juice to outlast the competition. Or it could be the ENVY Phoenix h9, overpowering anything that gets in its way. YOU GUYS are going to help decide the winner. We’re laying out the brackets out for you right now and through comments, Facebook and Twitter, you’re going to chime in to tell us who you think should be advancing to the next round.

HP Study: Kids and Computers, #WinChat Edition

Here’s something to think about: Out of 1,001 parents polled, 42% of them leave their kids alone to go online over three hours a day. HP recently commissioned a study from Wakefield Research looking into some of the major concerns for parents of today’s tech-minded kids. This study – and the fact that the back-to-school season is now upon us – was the inspiration for another Microsoft-HP #WinChat this past Tuesday.

What Kids (and HP Parents) Say About Our PCs

If you have a child, you probably at some point take the tyke to work. Y’know, whether it’s to show off your offspring – or explain what you do for a living. When you’re a nerd and work at a place like HP, it’s a little different for HP’s Take Our Children to Work Day. We get that extra bit of awesome because we’re sharing the cool tech that we create with our kids. Besides this event being good practice for my own pending paternity, I wanted to share my recent experiences from a day of demos here in the Bay Area and talk about what they thought of our gear.

Flo Rida: The Road to Stardom and the Story Behind “Wild Ones”

“Inside the Actor’s Studio” meets Tweet-up, meets cocktail party, ARTIST #TALK is a place for influencers from the music community to hear the stories behind the music and get to know the artist on a personal basis. And of course, attendees  got to hear Flo Rida’s new album and check out his latest videos through Beats Audio on the ENVY14 SpectreENVY 4ENVY 6Pavilion dm4 Beats EditionTouchSmart 420 and ENVY 23 AIO.

HP’s Beats Audio: Explained

Not all audio is created equal. The Beats audio implementations on HP PCs just sound better than the competition. It’s not just me saying stuff like that. So, while I have beaten that drum time and time again, I wanted to actually talk to the REALexperts about the subject. Victor Lee (His official title: PC, Audio and Video Technologist) took some time to speak with us to help explain in more detail about how Beats Audio works in HP computers.

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