Great PC Games of 2012 (and the PCs to Play Them On)

I’m just gonna call it – 2012 was a BIG year for PC Gaming. Forget all this talk about consoles or going mobile. There’s been some huge developments – and huge games – that came out in 2012. So for some end-of-year celebrating, We’re taking a quick look back at a big trend and some great games.


The new ENVY Ultrabook (and What’s a Sleekbook?)

If the Spectre and SpectreXT were some super-premium, extreme high-end Ferrari flavors of the Ultrabook, then that’d make the ENVY line the BMW…Slick in its own ways and still in a different class from what else you’ll see amongst Ultrabook devices. And then there’s the Sleekbook.  Aside from Marketingese, I was curious – what does all this even mean? Well, let’s get down to it as we take a quick look at these latest lightweight laptops: The ENVY 4 and ENVY 6The ENVY 4 and ENVY 6.

HOW-TO: Disable The Fn + Function on HP Laptops

Having the ability to tap a button to toggle things like screen brightness with a single button press is neat, no doubt. Sometimes, though, you still want to hit a function key -- and just do that. On the ENVY line, for example, you hit the "fn" key plus whatever function key you need in order to do that. So hitting "Alt + f4" becomes "Alt + fn + f4." For stubborn, old-school nerds like me, there's a way to revert back to simpler times. You know, when function buttons were just function buttons. In short, I want to get the “fn” out! Keep on reading to learn how it's done.


Why Put Glass in the ENVY 14 Spectre?

The ENVY 14 Spectre has already gotten tons of nods for its sex-appeal and style – even among the supermodel-styled Ultrabook set. But there are still a couple questions that I’ve been wondering about: Why use so much glass in an Ultrabook? And, quite frankly, how’d they do it? Well, I went straight to the guys with the inside knowhow: HP’s Stacy Wolff and my man John McCarthy, Product and Experience Manager for HP’s Premium business.

Photoblog: HP Sees the Stars at Sundance

Every year around this time, the film industry descends on Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival. New indie films are showcased, celebrities are everywhere….and HP is on-hand to show off some of its newest gear – like the HP ENVY 14 Spectre. Want to see what Elijah Wood, William H. Macy and others are checking out?

At What Price, Gaming PCs?

Dan Ackerman and Rich Brown over at CNET recently posed a question: “How much is too much?” when it comes to gaming PCs. Darren steps up to the plate to give an extra bit of perspective. Click on through to share your thoughts and maybe even drop in on Dan and Rich's blog and let them know what you think.

Forget Console Gaming, Get PC Gaming to Go

As the holiday season races headlong at us, you might be tempted to load up on all the great games coming out. In this rant, Darren makes a case for why the PC version of games can be better a better choice. After all, you can usually get the PC version of a game for less, it’ll look better and you can play where you please. With a reasonable laptop, play at home on your desk, on the road or even plugged into a TV. You get the right laptop and you've got the perfect travel companion for the holidays. (You ever try taking a PlayStation 3 with you on a plane? Not fun.)

HP Envy 14 and 17: Big Changes for Less

HPEnvy Think of HP's Envy notebook line like a Formula1 car – they serve as test beds for new technologies. And the latest racers out the gate are the new 14 and 17 Envy laptops. Stacy Wolff, Director of Notebook Product Design and Notebook Global Business Unity for HP's Personal Systems Group, spent a few minutes telling me about what his team learned from developing the Envy 13 and 15 and some of the features going into the new machines According to Stacy, "The Envy is meant to deliver a premium experience. It should feel like you're holding something substantial in your hands." Stacy says that they are also listening to what people have to say.

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