HP’s Gadget Madness. In March.

It’s time to see HP’s gadgets square off to find who’s got the skills to be the best in a nerdy bit of March craziness.Maybe the ENVY x2 that has the juice to outlast the competition. Or it could be the ENVY Phoenix h9, overpowering anything that gets in its way. YOU GUYS are going to help decide the winner. We’re laying out the brackets out for you right now and through comments, Facebook and Twitter, you’re going to chime in to tell us who you think should be advancing to the next round.

HP Gear to Climb Kilimanjaro

As Melissa gets ready to go on her big climb for Summit on the Summit (you did read her story, right?), I want to take a few minutes and tell you about some of the HP gear that she'll be using on the climb. Beyond the pitons and her oh-so-fashionable hiking boots, that is….

HP Design: Inside The ElitePad 900 and Prototypes You’ll Never See

As of October 1st, the news is officially out: The ElitePad. HP’s new tablet is ready for business, but it was a long design road to get to the point we’re at now. There have been many iterations over the years, but with the pending launch of a new OS, we’ve got a new tablet to take advantage of it like no other. You’ve got an Intel processor, a cool jacket design….and a lot more that we’re going to go into on the blog. All that said, I cornered Stacy Wolff in the HP Design Studio when I was in town and got the inside line on not just what the ElitePad is all about, but he shows me some of the designs of what our new business tablet could have looked like.

The ElitePad 900, ENVY x2 and a History of HP Innovation

The second that I saw the new ElitePad, with its new Smart Jacket-interface, I had flashbacks to other awesome portables to come out before the modern age of all-metal design – back to some innovations that HP pioneered with the iPaq. Then there’s something like the highly-anticipated ENVY x2 Hybrid PC and its ancestor – the TC1000. What? You don’t recall the original iPaq or the TC1000? Well, Captain Short Attention Span, let’s take a quick virtual walk down memory lane to help you realize what HP created in the mobile computing space.

5 Reasons You Should Care About the ElitePad 900

All right, the tablet-sized cat is out of the bag. The business-based device that we’ve been teasing for a while now officially has a name – The HP ElitePad 900. Over the next couple days, you’ll likely be hearing A LOT about what makes the ElitePad so nifty for getting your job done. In fact, I’d encourage you to swing by our sister site, 367AddisonAvenue.com, which will go into much greater detail about the ElitePad. Me? I’m still a consumer guy at heart. And while this bit of kit is billed for biz, I still have an eyeball on this for a couple cool-tech reasons. Allow me to count the ways.

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