E3 2012 and HP

Last week, at the 2012 Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3), I wanted to try something a little different. Sure, I set up some new laptops like the Envy Sleekbook 6 and the new, beefy Pavilion dv7, but I also trotted out a couple quality desktops already in-the-market that got their game faces on: The Pavilion HPE Phoenix and the TouchSmart 520. Then a couple people came up to me during the course of the show asking, “So….HP is making gaming PCs?” My answer: “EVERY HP computer is a gaming PC these days! Best of all: It doesn’t take a ton of money to get a good experience.”

HP’s Latest Gaming-Grade PCs Appearing at E3

When people hear “Gaming PC,” they think “Super-expensive monolith.” I feel like I’m preaching to the choir here at TheNextBench – you guys know that these days, that’s not the case. PC gamers can get a great experience from mainstream gaming desktops like HP’s Pavilion HPE Phoenix, on the go with a Pavilion dv7, an ENVY Ultrabook 6…or even on a huge touchscreen computer like the TouchSmart 520. This coming Tuesday, we’re demoing a number of these units at the HP table at Showstoppers during E3...

Another E3 2011 Report – TNB Edition

There are few events in life worthy of spending a fortune to attend, but for game nerds like yours truly, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) nears the top of that list. If you couldn’t make it to the awesome annual gaming mecca in LA, we gotcha covered. Read on to learn about what you might have missed during the news cycles of the past week along with picks for some of the best upcoming games -- and a couple things that you might not have heard of. yet.

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HP TouchPad Coming: One Gamer’s Vision

Aliens_T.jpgWell, it’s official: July 1, starting at $499, the HP TouchPad will be here! Now that we got that out of the way, I want to get you folks thinking a little bit more about some potential applications out there that could be done. But taking a quick look at the show floor of the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) points to a cool future – and potential gaming uses for the TouchPad.  Curious about what we saw? Read on for a look at how webOS technology could lead to opportunities that gamers haven't seen yet.

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