Nvidia Titan Runs Well on HP ENVY Phoenix

envy phoenix 800.jpgThe latest, greatest multimedia desktop – HP’s ENVY Phoenix 800 – has been formally announced. The update features 4th Generation Intel Core processors….and all the other frostiness that you’ve come to know – since I’ve yammered about these PCs on the blog for some time now. So, I wanted to drive a little point home for you to ponder before the new rev launches on June 5th (starting at $1099): This may be a mainstream machine-priced, but it has enough wattage to run a Titan. The Nvidia Titan, that is.

A Closer Look at the ENVY 4 and ENVY 6

We gave you the scoop when the ENVY 4 and ENVY 6 launched. I demonstrated in videos how the ENVY 6 performs under pressure by playing DiRT 3. Now that I’ve had more prolonged time with the Sleekbook flavor of this slim machine, I now have some benchmarks and insights to back up how they perform...and some thoughts from the guys at PC World. Keep reading for the skinny.

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