Nvidia Titan Runs Well on HP ENVY Phoenix

envy phoenix 800.jpgThe latest, greatest multimedia desktop – HP’s ENVY Phoenix 800 – has been formally announced. The update features 4th Generation Intel Core processors….and all the other frostiness that you’ve come to know – since I’ve yammered about these PCs on the blog for some time now. So, I wanted to drive a little point home for you to ponder before the new rev launches on June 5th (starting at $1099): This may be a mainstream machine-priced, but it has enough wattage to run a Titan. The Nvidia Titan, that is.

HP Rove: From Desktop to Tabletop

It may look like a larger-than-life-sized tablet, but don’t go thinking that you can play a pinball game on the bus with HP’s new Rove20. (I was tempted to try.) This is an awesomely designed All-in-One PC that you can take with you around the house. And it’s more than enough to make a statement about being a family-ready PC.

New HP ENVY Phoenix h9 Rises

Hey there, my name is Darren and I’m a gamer. I have a Phoenix. I use it. A lot. And now, with the next rev of this beast – now called the HP ENVY Phoenix h9 – we’re getting a few of the tweaks that I’ve been hoping to see. Want to know more about this new beast? Inquire within...

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How to Upgrade the HPE Phoenix

I took the HPE Phoenix for a couple quick tests and it performed pretty well. However, a couple questions kept popping up both in my head and in the forums: How tough is this thing to upgrade? How far can you really take the Phoenix?  Why would I need to upgrade the graphics in this machine? Can my giant-sausage fingers fit inside this tight case? All fair questions…..that I'm about to answer with a quick video....

Tech the Halls: A Holiday Guide to New HP Laptops and Desktops

Over the past few months, HP has attempted to give you a bit of everything: A swath of new ENVYs, brought Beats Audio into even more machines and introduced HP’s first-ever ready-for-business Ultrabook. Obviously, we’re in holiday shopping season, so we hit you with a Black Friday Cheat Sheet to save you time navigating the mess of lines and hysteria following the Thanksgiving holiday.

Two Computers, One Screen: HP LinkUp Gives Remote PC Control

HPLinkUp_T.jpgAnyone who owns more than one computer deals with separation anxiety all the time. Your laptop has all these files you’re working on and you need to get them over to your desktop. You don’t have a USB flash drive handy. You left your external hard drive at the office, and now you need to email all this stuff to yourself - if the files are small enough of course.  Does this story sound even remotely familiar? Honestly, it happens to me all the damn time. But, using HP LinkUp, this problem no longer exists. Read on to see what I mean.

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Wallpaper Artists: Mark Weaver

Weaver_T.jpgIf you’ve picked up a newspaper or magazine, there’s a chance that you come across some of Mark Weaver’s handiwork. From The New York Times and The Washington Post to Fast Company and Wired, his pieces are a combination of architectural design elements and soft colors that evoke a retro-futuristic feel…like how people in the 1950’s must’ve viewed the future. (And in some cases, really interesting uses for fonts). He’s already completed his “Make Something Cool Every Day” project and originally hailing from just outside of Boston, he gave tribute to his birth-state through the State Motto Project – 50and50. He now lives in Atlanta with his wife and daughter, working out of his home studio. We caught up with Mark to find out what motivates him and his art.

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Wallpaper Artists: Fawaz AlOlaiwat

Fawaz_T.jpgThink of Fawaz AlOlaiwat as a techno-fueled renaissance man – that uses music, photography, the Internet, stories…and soon T-shirts as his canvas. The Syrian-born artist / musician / writer has been chasing his hobbies and turning them into his career since he was a child. It’s a combination of pop-art, Arabic calligraphy…and, well, you really need to see if for yourself to experience it. In fact, I’d recommend that maybe you head over to Fawaz’ site and run some of his tracks in the background while you’re reading this interview.

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