The DeskJet Turns 25

It’s 1988. Michael Jackson’s top the music charts, big hair is still in and people other than football players wear big shoulderpads. It’s also the year – 25 years ago – that the first HP DeskJet printer turned the print industry upside down.

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Foam: Why Is It Inside Your Ink Cartridge?

For most people printer ink isn’t exactly dinner conversation, that is, until you come to my house. As HP’s resident Inkologist, I do my best to share the cool and complex work that goes into developing each HP ink formulation. Now, I certainly could go on and on with the formulas, bits and bytes of ink cartridge technology (it’s very interesting I assure you!), but today we’re going to take a look at the all important, and perhaps underappreciated, role of the cartridge foam. 

TFTNB: The First DeskJet Printer

hpdeskjet HP sure has come a long way with cloud- and Web-ready printers (for more on that, look for this week's Smart Home Improvement installment all about ePrint technology that you'll find in printers like the new HP Photosmart e-All-in-One D110a). But it had to start somewhere. A few weeks ago, we talked about the first ThinkJet printer and this time, let’s look a little more into how modern printing went mainstream. The HP DeskJet was the first mass-market inkjet printer. Customers knew its predecessor, the HP ThinkJet, because HP had been first to market with the inkjet printer. The name “DeskJet” was introduced to draw a clear distinction from the preceding inkjet printers.

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