Spotted on Mars: An HP Printer? Kind of...

Let’s start this week with a giant congratulations going out to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Labs team! Don’t know about you, but I was up late last night thrilling to the Curiosity rover landing on Mars. What? You were asleep? Well, if the nerdy neighbors hooting in the middle of the night didn’t wake you up, head over to the NASA site, ASAP. Here’s something you might not realize: HP maintains NASA’s infrastructure....and HP Printers appeared on Mars. Kind of...

HP Commercial Break: The Vectra PC

HP’s been around for a while. (You’ve read Ann’s Tales from the Next Bench series, right?) Through the years, there's been a virtual mountain of behind-the-scenes content, commercials and slick ads about HP's latest and greatest. Looking back through some of this classic material, we couldn't just keep it for ourselves. Don't know waht the Vectra PC is? Click through for the commercial and info.

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